Winter warmers

We have had a cold and wet winter. I admit that it was not cold by the standards of many places, but for a usually warm place where few residents have central heating or double glazing, it felt cold to us.

So, I have been sleeping in my flannel PJs and bedsocks, and filling a hot-water bottle most nights. With all that excess yarn hanging about the house, a knitted hottie cover seemed an obvious thing to make, so I made two.

Knitted hot-water bottle cover

Partway through, I tested it for fit. Perfect!

Knitted hot-water bottle cover

In my early knitting days, I never blocked my work. Now, I understand the benefits.

Knitted hot-water bottle covers

I made two: one for me and one for my stepdaughter.

Knitted hot-water bottle cover

The one I kept coordinates with the quilt on our bed.

Of course, now that I have finished these, the first of the spring weather has hit us. Today has been lovely and sunny. This morning, my granny and I drove to the beach and had a coffee while sitting on a park bench in the sunshine. In the north of England and Scotland, today’s weather might be called a heatwave. Here, we call it late winter or early spring!

Recently, I confessed that I still have 1.4 kg of this yarn left, and I still have 1.4 kg of this yarn left as these two covers were not included in that total. I was blocking these when I made my calculations. Now, however, I have a plan for the rest of that leftover yarn: a crocheted blanket. In a moment of craziness, I ordered two more colours to liven things up a bit. Buying yet more yarn to use up what I have might seem a bit backward, but I have been knitting with the same three colours for almost three years, and I am desperately in need of variety.

The details of this project are on my Ravelry page.


15 thoughts on “Winter warmers

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve been thinking about a cover for my hottie, but my thoughts were along the lines of something in patchwork. These are much more appropriate! Lovely bobbly branches from the lady who loves a bobble or two…

  2. My, your knitting is lovely Carla! They look like little sweaters! I am knitting again but I suspect our weather will seeing me wearing mine this year, rather than next!

  3. oh these are lovely little sweaters for your hot water bottles!
    Here temps will be back up to 36°C next week, so not hot water bottle weather at all.

  4. Knitting well and truly seems like a magical art to me. The 3D details that can be added are so fascinating. I’m glad you have been outside enjoying some early sun. It makes all the difference to have sun on your face after winter, doesn’t it?

  5. I am in complete awe of your knitting skills. The flowers on the front are truly masterpieces–so detailed and so beautiful! Your step-daughter is a lucky girl to get something so beautiful to cover up something so utilitarian.

  6. These hottie covers are absolutely divine! I adore the texture of a good bobble and I love the sprig design down the centre. I’ve never blocked my knitting, maybe I should give it a try…

  7. What delightful waterbottle covers! I remember being handed a hot one to take to bed when staying in London — seemed odd since it was June, but it really was quite nice. I’m not sure I could find one of those in the States these days?!?

  8. I’ve never thought to make a cover for my hot water bottle. What a great idea! Our summer is slowly winding down. It’s still nice during the day, but it gets chilly in the evenings. Fall will be here soon, and then winter…sigh…..

  9. These are gorgeous! I’ve only just started putting a cover on my hottie and it stays warm all night??!! It’s definitely not as lovely as these tho 👍🏻

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