I am on a roll! Another pattern I have been working on is ready.

This pattern is for a foundation-paper-pieced map of Australia. The pattern is for the block only and includes templates for two sizes: 6 inches and 12 inches. A few minutes by a photocopier could easily convert it to an 8-inch block too.

This block pattern started life as a mug rug, about 6 by 9 inches. In 2016, our sewing group swapped mug rugs instead of Christmas gifts. I started plotting an Australian-themed mug rug in secret, and this is what I came up with.

I was inspired by a photo I saw on Pinterest by Peta of She Quilts a Lot, but her pattern is English paper pieced (I think), a crib size and far, far too big for what I needed. I also wanted to separate the states by colour, so I drew my own with the help of a school atlas.

Friends in my sewing group asked for instructions, so I started tweaking what I had drawn and resizing it to a more user-friendly 12 inches. My experimental prototype also had a few bulky seam intersections that I wanted to remove.

‘Australia’ block pattern by Granny Maud’s Girl

When remaking the blocks, I used the same fabrics in each size.

Funnily enough, a year later, I found myself drawn to make the new versions in the same colours as the original. In every version, I included an apple print for Tasmania. The random elephants in the north of the country are simply because I do not have any kangaroo or crocodile prints.

I made a cushion cover from the 12-inch block.

And I made a pouch from the 6-inch block.

I resisted the temptation to sew pompom fringe on the cushion and finished it with piping instead, but I could not resist adding a tiny line of pompoms to the pouch.

I suspect that the market for fabric reproductions of maps of Australia is niche, to say the least, but I had fun making it.

‘Australia’ block pattern by Granny Maud’s Girl

‘Australia’ block pattern by Granny Maud’s Girl

A link to Etsy, where the pattern can be downloaded, is in the sidebar. A list of local shops that stock it can be found on my patterns page.

My friend Amei made a knitting bag with her block when she tested the pattern. What would you make with an Australia block?


20 thoughts on “‘Australia’

  1. Another gorgeous pattern. I think I recognise some fabric scraps in your lovely creations! A shopping bag might look good with a map of Australia on it. Perhaps you could sell that idea to a gift shop?

  2. This is gorgeous! You can get a kangaroo print in Spotlight (the one I’ve used on AHQ quilts before) but the scale is quite large and the colours available are a bit limited. I’d love to make a library bag with this, with a big map on one side and a small pocket map on the other with my library card in it.

  3. Just bought the pattern – I’m looking forward to making presents for overseas friends. And when I saw your little row of yellow pom poms on the pouch, I thought of wattle.

  4. As usual your fabric choices are wonderful! Your country looks great in those colors. All of the little things you made that pattern into are so cute as well! I particularly love the bag.

  5. Isn’t this fun? Your projects and designs all have such a fresh look about them, and your photos make me want to rush out and make an Australia for myself. I purchased some kangaroo fabric from one of your countrywomen some time ago–wish I could have sent you some! (but it’s aqua, and not sure that would work in your color scheme). You are on a roll with the patterns–congratulations on another wonderful design!

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