‘Christmas Tree Skirt’

I finished this tree skirt three days after last Christmas, or 362 days before this Christmas (as I prefer to think of it), but it has taken me a while to get the pattern written and finished.

Christmas tree skirt pattern by Granny Maud's Girl

‘Christmas Tree Skirt’ pattern by Granny Maud’s Girl

The project started a couple of years ago when I realised that I had sent our only tree skirt to our family’s holiday house on the other side of Australia. It was only a piece of cheap satin that I had hemmed in a circle, and I had sent it away because I was confident that I would sew a better replacement.

Then, I forgot to sew a better replacement.

The next Christmas was upon us before I remembered.

I love the crisp look of red and white and linen, so I hope this appeals to others. If I did not have so many UFOs lingering, I might be tempted to make a second version using a more traditional muted red and cream instead of bright red and white.

This pattern uses a variety of different techniques, including English paper piecing, foundation paper piecing, appliqué and simple embroidery. I hand quilted the layers together using three colours of perle 8 cotton: white, taupe (to match the linen) and red. If you hate hand sewing, you could ‘cheat’ and sew the stars by machine and either omit the simple embroidery edging around the stars and border or use a fancy stitch on your sewing machine.

Christmas tree skirt pattern by Granny Maud's Girl

The negative space of the background is quilted with a star design.

I think I am starting to look forward to decorating for Christmas this year.

A link to Etsy, where the pattern can be downloaded, is in the sidebar.


8 thoughts on “‘Christmas Tree Skirt’

  1. It’s gorgeous 🙂 My Australian family is not very interested in Christmas and all its outward signs, so I never get to do the kind of lavish decorating I used to enjoy as a child in the UK. If I made a skirt for my Christmas tree they’d look at me as if I was a bit bonkers. Oh well… I hope you’ll post a photo of yours in its pretty Christmas outfit.

  2. This is such a terrific tree skirt–every part of it is wonderful, from the linen to the stars to those points and then the finish of the loops and buttons. WOW! So amazing, so terrific. Congratulations!!

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