Up, up and away

I should have been making Christmas presents or writing Christmas cards on the weekend. Instead, I decided to follow Wendy’s lead and sew some blocks to send to Alison in Guernsey for her Soy Amado project. Christmas is all about giving, right?

I was going to make stars, but I am easily distracted by pretty pictures in block books. The next thing I knew, I had drawn up an aeroplane pattern.

I made a prototype and then cut enough fabric to make four more blocks, but I made an oopsie with the prototype block and cut the wing too big. This simple error threw out the size of the finished block, and I did not spot my mistake until after I had quilted it. (I blame the first of the season’s Christmas party hangovers for my tired brain. After just three glasses of wine, I am unable to function for 24 hours.) Even so, I have four good blocks to send.

This morning, I realised that parcel postage up to 500 grams is a fixed price. Four blocks weigh a little more than 200 grams. If I make another four blocks, I can stuff that parcel as full as it can be. We all use the same logic when online fabric shopping – what else can I buy to fill that satchel and spread the shipping costs? – so why not when posting!

I thought it would be good to make blocks to coordinate with Wendy’s blue blocks so Alison receives something like a set. My blue fabrics are not quite the right match for Wendy’s, so I will not mind if Alison decides to use them separately. I am almost out of royal blue fabric, so the next four blocks will have to be green or teal or some other colour. And maybe not aeroplanes. Maybe … boats?


30 thoughts on “Up, up and away

  1. What a great design! Is it regular piecing or paper piecing? I can’t tell from the photos. Either way, they’re lovely, and they’ll make some little boy very happy 🙂
    And look at you, using solids! And no pink or red or flowers!

  2. Free Motion Quilting!!!! You’ve raised the standard there. I’m going to pull out my “Beginners’ Guide to FMQ” and this might just be where my FMQ begins. I don’t expect to send my blocks until January. I don’t want them getting caught up in Christmas mail rush. Yours are lovely and a little boy will love this quilt.

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    • Turning this block into a pattern has been on my to-do list for too long, Brigitte. However, I am almost there! If you peek in my Instagram feed, you will see the blocks in a baby quilt. This week, I will be sewing the binding down and typing the instructions. Then, it will just need testing before I can release it. Soon. Very soon.

      • I too am looking for an airplane block pattern and I like this airplane you have designed. I see that you were close to finishing instructions on it. Have you finished and if so, where can i find them? Thanks in advance.

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  7. Do you use a certain brand of fabric?
    I love 2 of the blues you used and would love to search for them.


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