Bits and bobs

I am still managing to seize a few minutes here and there for little sewing projects.

I made a bee block for Sharon. Sharon and I joke that we have opposite tastes in fabric. She loves batiks and hates florals. Need I say any more? Other than that, we have a lot in common.

Quilt bee block made by Granny Maud's Girl

The colour placement was specified by the queen bee, Sharon.

Nikki and I have colour tastes that more closely coincide. She provided the brighter fabric in this bee block. Foolishly, when I was rummaging in my stash, I was looking for something that matched the wrong side of her chosen fabric. Whoops! I did not realise my mistake until I had cut out the piece needed. The fabric I added is more pastel than I would have used if I had been looking at the correct side, but the general vibe of the colours is appropriate, so I carried on.

Quilt bee block made by Granny Maud's Girl

The recipient of this block, Nikki, likes Kaffe.

Kate needed teal envelope blocks for her cancer fundraising quilt. At 12 inches square (plus generous seam allowances), it is an enlarged version of The Littlest Thistle’s envelope block.

A 12-inch version of Littlest Thistle's envelope block

Foundation piecing on a giant scale seemed trickier than working with smaller pieces. Or is that just me?

Finally, a friend got a new puppy, so she needed a new puppy poo bag pouch. I made five. She chose the one with the small dogs. I think I bought that fabric in Spain.

Update: the free purse pattern by @sewknotcrochet is available on Craftsy.

Tiny coin purses

The lining fabrics are quilting-weight cottons, while the outside fabrics are heavier denims and cotton drills.

Tiny coin purses

The two that feature dog prints have been the first to be snatched up by friends.

Are you all finding time to chip away at small projects?

7 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. I rather like the small contrast between the two fabrics in that block, I feel it works rather well. Sometimes things can be too matchy-matchy; these blend perfectly.
    Love that gorgeous envelope block. When I receive it, I’ll post about it and link back to you, so thank you very much!
    So nice to see you blogging again despite your heavy schedule. Worth the wait!

  2. The doggie bags are very cute? Are they your own design Carla? And yes, foundation paper piecing is much harder with larger pieces because, I think, everything flops around so much! I have a couple of bee blocks to make where the girl sent batiks!! I can find very little to like about them….the colours, the designs, the fabric. I am looking forward to sewing them up and sending them on their way!

  3. I haven’t really been chipping away at anything that feels small lately, Carla. Great tip. Maybe I just need to make a mini mini quilt this weekend to get that satisfaction of a finish in! How interesting that the two pouches made with doggy prints were the first to be selected. Those pouches remind me of a friend’s mother, an elderly woman, who didn’t like carrying the bags on her walk with her dog, so she emptied an old purse for dog walking purposes. The only thing in the purse were bags (empty and/or full). One day her purse was snatched. Her first reaction was not fear at the robbery but to feel bad for the robber: it had a full bag in it. She quickly shrugged it off and kept walking. Turning a corner on her normal walking route, she briefly paused to stop and pick up the purse (full bag and all), and walked home. 🙂

  4. You have been super productive Carla! I am a little behind on my small projects like Bee blocks but bigger projects have consumed me lately 🙄 Love the doggie poo bags 😆

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