More hexagon fun

On a recent trip to Victoria, I bought Gum Valley Patchwork’s cute teeny hexagon purse kit. I am proud to say that it has not languished in my craft cupboard unfinished for years; I have already made it up.

I swapped two of the kit’s fabrics, even though they were lovely, and reused the tiny hexagon papers to make a very simple matching pincushion.

Gum Valley Patchwork's teeny hexagon purse kit and a small hexagon pincushion

Gum Valley Patchwork’s teeny hexagon purse kit and a small hexagon pincushion I made to go with it.

The teeny hexagon purse kit, including fabric, hexagon papers, pattern and  purse frame, is available from Gum Valley Patchwork. You can also buy hexagon papers in just about every known size. If the item you want is not on the website, send Linda an email to ask if it is available.

My pincushion pattern is available as a free PDF. I used a medium-weight iron-on interfacing on all pieces and stuffed it with crushed walnut shells. Because I hate turning, stuffing and hand-sewing a curved seam closed, the opening runs as a straight line through the base of the pincushion.

This is my first attempt at attaching a purse frame!

10 thoughts on “More hexagon fun

  1. Oh, I LOVE your framed purse! These are on my ‘to-do’ list! Yours has inspired me to seek out some frames and give it a go! (BTW You should receive that much wanted book in the mail any day!)

  2. You are such a bad influence!! Now, I really need ANOTHER pincushion!! I also have small hexagon papers from a recent acquisition [pincushion, not yet completed!!] So many things to do, so little time! Raelene

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