Op shop plus scraps equals pincushions

At a sewing group a week or so ago, I saw cute pincushions made from egg cups. They reminded me of the odd assortment of little containers I had collected from op shops with the intention of making into pincushions.

I had two little teacups. I do not think I could take to a really lovely vintage bone-china teacup with glue, but these are nothing fancy and are missing saucers, so they were fair game.

recycled teacup pincushions

These two teacups were converted into pincushions with just leftover bits of fabric, ribbon, lace … and glue.

I also had two little ornamental floral containers. I used scraps of woollen jumpers wrapped and tacked around a ball of polyester wadding to stuff these. I did not use glue as the openings are narrow; once the stuffing was shoved in, it was almost impossible to dislodge.

recycled kitsch pincushions

What would these little containers have been used for originally if not pincushions?

Sadly, while moving the pink one off my sewing table, I dropped it, chipping most of the china petals off the rose. I am a clumsy fumble-fingers. I guess that one stays mine; I cannot give away something broken!

No container cost more than one dollar, and all the other materials came from small pieces and oddments in my stash.


4 thoughts on “Op shop plus scraps equals pincushions

  1. What a shame that you dropped it. Thank you for the motivation. I have several little cups, etc. that I have been planning to use for pincushions and haven’t done it. Maybe now I will get in gear.

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