Another hexagon purse

I seem to lack an attention span lately. I flit from one project from another, making progress on each but finishing nothing. Does this happen to you too?

One small project I have finished this week is a little purse and pincushion to go with my vintage-style sewing basket. Back in September, I bought spare purse frames along with the Gum Valley Patchwork hexagon purse kit so I could use the kit’s pattern to make more purses later. At Christmas, I gave away the first hexagon purse and pincushion I made.

pincushion and purse made using Fig Tree fabrics

I enjoyed choosing the strawberries and flowers to feature in the ½-inch hexagons.

Granny Maud's Girls vintage-style sewing basket using Fig Tree fabrics

Now my sewing basket is complete, with a pincushion and little purse.

This time, I sewed larger hexagons (½-inch), so I could fussy cut the fabrics. The hexagons were the hand-sewing project I took to last month’s craft fair.

hexagon flower, fussy cut using Fig Tree fabrics

I used silk thread to sew the hexagons together, which helps to keep the stitches neat and almost invisible.

Would you believe I broke three needles while sewing the purse frame in? I do not know my own strength!

I still have one tiny purse frame left. I really want to make one in more modern fabrics. Later! I need to focus and finish some other projects first.


22 thoughts on “Another hexagon purse

  1. That really does finish off the sewing basket beautifully. I can’t see a lack of focus myself; the attention to detail in both those items is not the work of a flibbertigibbet. (Don’t you love that word?).

  2. Those hexies are so tiny and cute!

    I was flitting all weekend! I started on one project, cut that out, oooh these scraps would work well for this.. made something else with those scraps, started playing with fabric for another quilt idea… and then I look back at my original thing thinking “I could’ve finished this by now if I had stuck to it!”.

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