Scrap box challenge (part two)

Still full of enthusiasm for my scraps, I have been through my pile of warm-coloured small scraps.

As I did with when making the scrappy blue and green humidicrib quilt top, I ironed and cut the scraps into two sizes of squares (1½ inch and 2½ inch) and set aside useable triangles and long strips.

Pink quilting fabric scraps

Pink fabric scraps cut into useable sizes. I pieced the half-square triangles roughly and then cut them down to the correct size.

I didn’t have as many warm-coloured scraps as I did blue and green scraps, so I had to think of a different design. I decided to make a heart design and use a piece of leftover white fabric to fill out the rest of the quilt top. (For someone who is really not keen on hearts, I seem to be making a lot of them lately.)

The bottom of each heart is a 4½ inch square that has been cut into two triangles. I deliberately cut them bigger than I needed so I could trim them down to size.

Scrappy pieced patchwork heart construction

I made each scrappy heart in horizontal rows before sewing over-sized triangles to the bottom and trimming off excess fabric.

My piecing on such a small scale was not as accurate as I would like, but I am still really happy with the result. The scraps included red, pink, purple, orange and yellow, but it all reads as a sea of pink.

Humidicrib or doll’s quilt made from 1½-inch squares of scrap fabric.

Each square in this quilt is only one inch across. The finished quilt top is 16 x 24 inches.

This quilt top contains the last scraps of a few of my favourite fabrics of recent years. Do you ever feel just a little sad using up the last bit of a favourite, or is that just me?


7 thoughts on “Scrap box challenge (part two)

  1. Beautiful design!
    I have a question: What do you consider is the BIGGEST size of a scrap
    Because in the summer I decided that everything less than a quarter yard (either width of fabric or fat quarter) would go in the scrap bin. So now I find I will never run out, because new scraps are constantly going in. In fact I need to do the three-way sort because I have one bin with just blue and another one where the lid won`t fit, and these are good sized bins too.

    • Goodness! With those criteria, most of my stash would be scrap. I guess I start to think it might be becoming scrap when I have less than a layer-cake sized bit (10 inches square) left. How you organise and categorise your fabric is up to you. Like colour choices, it is a matter of personal preference. There is no wrong (or right) way.

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