Circle in a square baby quilt

My lovely neighbours have another grandson (their fifth!), and I again offered to make a quilt.

As before, I invited the baby’s grandmother into my sewing room to choose some starter fabrics and pattern ideas. We agreed to use a lot of the same fabrics that I included in the earlier baby quilt for the same family, but this time she spotted and fell in love with a monkey print, so I added green to the blues.

Hand-made baby quilt in blues and greens

The baby’s grandmother was keen to include the monkey print.

The idea for this quilt came from the centre of an earlier round robin quilt. I did not use a pattern but put my Sew Easy 10-degree wedge ruler to good use.

Hand-made baby quilt in blues and greens

I tried to include as many fabrics as I could.

A large, scrappy Dresden plate was appliquéd to a piece of background fabric. Once I had the circle sewn down, I trimmed and squared the background to 40½ inches. This gave me a neat square to sew the border to.

I cut away the background fabric from behind the circle and reused it in the borders. I made just over a metre of background fabric go a very long way.

Hand-made baby quilt in blues and greens

After I had machine sewed the large circle, I appliquéd it to the background fabric.

The centre circle and the border are made up of 2½-inch strips, so this idea would suit a jelly roll. The smallest pieces of fabric were only 2½ by 1½ inches, so I was able to use up oddments in my stash and tiny pieces from my scrap box.

I have been trying to use up my stash where possible, so I only bought three fabrics: the backing, the binding and the nautical print that I used in the centre. I needed to buy backing and binding because I did not have large enough pieces in my cupboard, but a small amount of the nautical print was bought just because it was cute and would make an interesting centre.

The backing fabric I bought was 1.6 metres wide, much wider than normal quilting cotton, so I added a border to the quilt to avoid wasting any of the width. This meant that the quilt finished at a generous 52 inches (1.3 metres) square.

Hand-made baby quilt in blues and greens

I added a simple border to frame the large circle.

Hand-made baby quilt in blues and greens

The backing fabric I chose influenced the colours I used on the front.

It is a bit big for a baby quilt, perhaps, but there are lots of things for small children to look at: zebras, sheep, monkeys, whales, lighthouses, ducks, fish, elephants …

I had it professionally quilted with a pattern that makes me think of water ripples.

The same afternoon I finished sewing the binding down, my neighbour came to collect it. I did not get to admire my handiwork for long!

Hand-made baby quilt in blues and greens

The baby’s grandmother held it up for a photo.

I really enjoy making baby things, but I have started putting in requests for someone to give birth to a baby girl. This is a purely selfish request: I need to make a dent in my pink fabric stash!


12 thoughts on “Circle in a square baby quilt

  1. This is a beautiful baby quilt which, because of it’s size, will be used for many years to come. Well done 🙂

  2. This baby quilt is absolutely lovely. I’m sure the mum will have many uses for it and it will be something that the baby can have and use for many, many years to come. It will end up an heirloom for sure.

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