I have followed Jodie Carleton and her blog for a long time. It was always hilarious. Her blog, like many, is updated less and less as crafty types switch to Instagram, but her humour remains infectious, and her patterns are still adorable. I would buy and make them all if I had endless sewing time.

When a class with her was offered here in Perth, I jumped at it. I knew I could buy a pattern and follow it even without a class, but I also knew that it would be a fun day out, spending time with other sewers and her crazy sense of humour. I picked up some useful toy-making tips along the way too.

Apparently, in all her times teaching the ‘Stable Mates’ pattern, I was the first student to choose to make a donkey rather than a horse or unicorn. I find that baffling; donkeys are so adorable. It never even occurred to me make anything but a donkey.

Hand-made felt donkey, made using RicRac's 'Stable Mates' pattern

He has such a cute face!

Hand-made felt donkey, made using RicRac's 'Stable Mates' pattern

This was one of the hardest things to give away.

After the class, I finished him quickly, but my donkey sat on my sewing table for well over a year while I procrastinated making the bridle. I need not have delayed; when I started, it took very little time.

During the year he sat on my sewing table, I grew rather attached to him. It was genuinely difficult to let him go.

Hand-made felt donkey, made using RicRac's 'Stable Mates' pattern

A binding remnant became a bowtie.

Recently, I gave Donkey and a book to my cousin’s son for his second birthday. He is a big Shrek fan and was very happy. He has already tried to ride Donkey!

Hand-made felt donkey with book

Donkey went to his new home with a book, because children (and adults) can never have too many books.

I also whipped up another small project using Jodie’s creations. I made myself a pair of pyjama pants that are perfect for wearing while sitting in front of the fire and knitting before bed. I used New Look pattern 6859, and made the small size of view A. The fabric is from Ella Blue’s ‘Sewing School’ range, which was designed by Jodie.

Pyjama pants made using fabric designed by Jodie Carleton (RicRac)

I do a lot of knitting while wearing pyjamas, so this fabric choice seemed appropriate to me.

While my left eye is still on the mend (my ophthalmologist is optimistic), I am finding knitting easier than fine handsewing.


12 thoughts on “Donkey

  1. I can see why he was hard to part with; he has real personality and a friendly face. Not to mention being beautifully made. Unicorns are two a penny these days, but a nice friendly donkey is hard to beat.

  2. Oh, the Wonky donkey is just adorable! I wouldn’t want to give it away either! I have made a few of Jodie’s patterns too, but nothing quite so delightful as this!

  3. Your darling donkey & wonderful pj pants make me wish for the zillionith time I could sew. After a Mama who loved to sew & tried to teach me & home ed in school & sewing classes several times, it had become obvious even to me that I did not have the patience to learn the skills or possess whatever else it is that you who do have them – a perfectionism & precision & je ne sais quoi. I will stick to painting & simple knit & purl scarves. But oh I am an appreciator of all things beautifully stitched.

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