Lachie’s bunny (and a hat)

While visiting our grandson, Lachlan, in Victoria, I popped into the local craft shop, Periwinkle Patchwork, for a sticky-beak, as you do. With babies on the brain, I picked up a copy of Edward’s Menagerie by Kerry Lord and now have fantasies of crocheting enough animals to stock a zoo (or ark).

I started with the first pattern in the book: ‘Emma the Bunny’.

Crocheted rabbit made using 'Emma the Bunny' pattern I think I need a little practice on sewing faces, but not bad for a first go.

The book says about 60 to 100 grams of yarn are needed for a toy this size, but I made everything except the tail and facial features from one 50-gram ball of Rowan felted tweed. (The colour is ‘maritime’.)

Crocheted rabbit made using 'Emma the Bunny' pattern I found a scrap of cream Totem in my stash for the tail.

I have already started on a second toy, a hippo, using heavier yarn. The first was in 8 ply (DK), and the second will be in 10 ply (aran), so it should turn out larger.

Next time, I hope to be a little improved when it comes to sewing faces and remembering to leave markers in to show where the animal’s cute rounded tummy is. Otherwise, I think I totally nailed it!

Crocheted rabbit made using 'Emma the Bunny' pattern Nailed it! It looks like the picture in the book.

Lachie already has his bunny in his possession, and I am sure he is giving its ears a good suck.

Something I have had a lot of practice at is knitting the ‘Mason’s Hat’ pattern. This is my third version of it.

My husband has never before asked me to make him anything, but he asked for a hat. I had squirreled away enough navy Debbie Bliss Donegal luxury aran tweed yarn before it was discontinued at my shop, so I made the hat with that.

Now, my husband and his son-in-law have matching hats in grey and navy. They went camping this weekend in wintry Victoria, so I am sure they came in handy.


6 thoughts on “Lachie’s bunny (and a hat)

  1. I love the bunny and the hat, beautiful. Your face looks really good to me. I wish I could knit like that but the simple truth of the matter is, I can’t. Maybe it’s because I am left handed and when I was 8 I was shown how to knit right handed but I never did get the hang of it. I can knit, but my tension is rubbish and I really have to concentrate on which side goes on which side. LOL. Never mind, I really enjoy looking and drooling over your beautiful work.

  2. Well, I can certainly vouch for the wintry weather in Melbourne, although last weekend wasn’t too bad. Today we had 21C!! Your knitting and crochet are delightful Carla!

  3. The animals are cute — I’ve seen a friend in France make some that look similar. That being said, I won’t be inspired to do it myself!?!

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