Printed patterns

I bit the bullet and had some of my patterns printed, and now they are being stocked in two local shops: Calico & Ivy and Handcrafters House. Hurrah!

Granny Maud's Girl patterns

I printed all three!

I have started to receive photos of what is being made with my patterns, such as Elfi’s version of ‘Squadron Leader’ and Amei’s version of ‘Australia’.

'Squadron Leader' made by Elfi

I love the pop of the red binding that Elfi added. I will have to add some red in my next version.

I hope more people send photos!

I do not have much else to show you because May was a bit busy and painful.

I broke a toe, which slowed down my movements. I could not drive for more than a week and relied on family and Uber to get around. In another fortnight or so, I might be able to wear my nice shoes again. I love pretty shoes and am normally someone who totters about the office in heels, but I have had to stay off my feet as much as possible and wear sensible flats for a month. I also cannot walk the dog, which is giving me and the dog a touch of cabin fever. Thankfully, for the dog’s sake, my husband can help out.

I also had braces put on my teeth. This distracted me from the pain in my foot. Or is it the other way around?

May also saw me overcommitted with volunteering on the weekends – supervising professional exams, etc. Thankfully, May was not all work I was able to attend the local craft show for a day (and buy lots of sock yarn) and my favourite Eurovision song context was on television but it certainly was busy.

With a bit of luck, life should be back to normal soon, and I hope to finish a few projects and share them with you. The cooler weather has started, making it perfect to sit by the fire and knit or sew.

7 thoughts on “Printed patterns

  1. Oh, good plan! They’re so lovely and colourful that they can’t fail to catch the eye as people pass them. I’m glad the more painful aspects of the last month or so are gradually passing, particularly the pretty-shoe-withdrawal symptoms. If you weren’t able to get about, I hope that lots of sewing and knitting was achieved.

  2. Ouch! You have done some damage to yourself! As Kate (above) said, I hope that meant some enforced ‘down time’ for knitting or hand sewing!

  3. Your printed patterns look wonderful, Carla, and how exciting to see your patterns brought to life by others (that’s always my favorite part of releasing a design). I hope that June is much less painful and you can be back to wearing your favorite shoes again soon.

  4. That’s awesome about your patterns. Sorry to hear about the toe. Hope it heals soon. I understand your pain about not driving. I’ll be having surgery in a few weeks, and I’m not allowed to drive for four weeks. It hasn’t started yet, and it’s killing me.

  5. Hope you are feeling more up to speed now tis August.
    I just wanted to say that I was given a present today, for my birthday tomorrow. Oh how excited I am, it’s your ‘Australia’ pattern! My friend knew I was hunting for a pattern of Australia, as there are many types of US maps around to quilt. She made my day!
    I promise as soon as I create it, I will share with you, or tag on Instagram.
    Thank you, it looks awesome.

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