A bit of this and that

Life got in the way of sewing and blogging all through May. I was busy working and moving my grandmother into residential care and out of her unit at short notice, a move that has been exhausting and stressful but – now the dust has started to settle – still seems like the right thing to have done. The only stitching I did all month was to sew a bit of binding down during the Eurovision Song Contest (very excited moments on the sofa here when it looked like Australia was going to win), but even that has since been unpicked while repairs are made.

I found that taking a sewing break left me a little disoriented when I had time to start again. Which project should I work on? Where was I up to? What is the next step? So, in the last week or so I have been dipping my toes in a few different projects, finishing some small things and sewing whatever fits my mood.

Here is what I have been sewing in late April and early June, apart from sewing Granny’s name labels into her clothes.

A couple of months ago, I destashed 3 kilograms of fabric by taking it to my sewing group and offering it to my friends. One piece did not belong in my stash, but I wanted to use it instead of giving it away, so I made a couple of zipper pouches with it.

Open wide zipper pouches

The scrap of fabric clashed with everything in my stash, but it made nice pouches.

I finished the pincushion that I made as the twin to the one I sent to Germany as an extra in the cushion swap. It was made entirely from my scrap box.

Pincushion based on Sunny Day Supply's free pattern

I started this back in March.

I made an armchair thingummy using Helen Stubbings’s free pattern.

Armchair sewing caddy

I modified Helen Stubbings’s free pattern to make this

I re-covered my ironing board, which was looking very tired and scorched. Re-covering ironing boards is the only 1-hour project I know that really only takes 1 hour.

Sewing space

My new, scorch-free ironing board.

I made some blocks for friends.

I hand pieced a few Liberty hexagons. Apparently, not everyone sews while they wait to have their car serviced.

Liberty hexagons using patterns from The New Hexagon book.

Very slow progress is being made.

And I sewed a few more Splendid Sampler blocks to add to the collection. (I still have lots more to make before I have caught up.)

The Splendid Sampler blocks

I have no idea why I am making these, but I am having fun.

I finished the easy, no-sew glasses case that has been sitting in my drawer for at least two years. The kit can be bought from Studio Mio. I pieced some Liberty hexies for the outside in April and glued it this week. Glue still makes me nervous and is the reason I procrastinated so long before finishing it. I would find no gluing easier than no sewing. I found three or four different glues and ended up using the woodworking glue recommended by Studio Mio. Different glues claim suitability for sticking fabric or wood or beads, but none says it is suitable for sticking fabric bags to metal frames. I have no idea what I will put in the case, but at least it is no longer a UFO.

Liberty glasses case made with Studio Mio no-sew kit

Any idea what to put in this? My glasses seem a bit big.

And I entered three quilts in our local show – my first quilt show entries. None was eligible for judging or prizes as every contributor must be a local guild member to be considered, and my entries were all team efforts, but sewing with people in New Zealand and the USA and around the corner adds to the fun. I am not doing this for prizes or glory.

Two of my three QuiltWest 2016 entries

I really should take better photos of my Possum Magic quilt now it is finished.

As I type this up, it seems like I have done quite a bit, especially given that I really did not sew in May.

17 thoughts on “A bit of this and that

  1. Hello baby, you’ve got my name on you! What a gorgeous block you’ve made for the Ovarian Cancer quilt. And I’m suffering from glasses case lust too, I think I’ll nip over there and check out the kit when I’ve finished this comment. Strange how much sewing you can get done when you’re ‘not sewing…’.

  2. I’m amazed at all the gorgeous projects you finished! All that in just a few weeks ! Incredible and incredibly beautiful too, all of it.

  3. Your glasses case is lovely! I agree, it doesn’t seem big enough for spectacles though….Maybe a pair of nail scissors, nail file and some band aids? A little nail care kit? And if that’s what an unproductive time looks like, I’d hate to see you in full flight with your sewing projects!

  4. I loved your round up. I think it helps us to keep moving in the right direction when we see what we have accomplished. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As I was reading I was thinking the same thing – you have sewing a lot given the disruption to your life in May. So glad that you are feeling like the move was the right decision still, and I hope that life and sewing evens out naturally.

  6. Oh my goodness! If I made HALF the things you showed in this post in a whole month, I would be happy. Can you direct me to a pattern for the ironing board? I would LOVE to surprise a friend of mine with one!

  7. I am totally impressed by all that you have accomplished! That teapot is so fun and quirky – I love it. Starting on a project after its been set aside for a while is difficult for me too. I think that’s why I try to keep those at a minimum. I’m glad you have your grandmother settled in her new place, and hope you get back into a ‘normal’ routine soon.

  8. Sometimes little odds and ends of projects fit the bill. I love the pincushion and the glasses case, and who doesn’t need more zipper pouches?! Not an easy time with your grandmother, but sounds like the right decision. x

  9. Oh my, not doing much sewing?! You managed to get way more done than I have in the last few months. I hope that your grandmother is finally settled. It’s always hard when we have to make hard decisions for our loved ones but know you’re doing what you think is best for her.

  10. I hope your grandmother settled okay into new home. I love the zippered pouches. I haven’t done much blogging or blog reading the past couple of weeks. Just not enough hours in the day to do everything.

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