Buying fabric does not give you a rash

Why is it that when I do not have time to sew or blog I can still manage to find time to buy fabric? I even managed the superhuman feat of buying fabric when I had left my wallet a 45-minute drive away at home. Someone had better get me a lasso, a sparkly leotard and an invisible aeroplane after that achievement.

The indefinite period of the stash is obviously over. I did so well until Easter, only buying white thread and white fabric that was used as quickly as it was bought, but I had a growing shopping list and vouchers burning holes in my pockets.

What follows is a confession of purchases made since Easter.

I had long been tempted by the cuteness of Sunny Day Supply’s stock. The packaging is just as cute when it arrives.

Sunny Day Supply order

The wrapping is almost too cute to rip into.

Sunny Day Supply order

Does anyone get the sense that I like floral prints?

I met some fellow Instagrammers for coffee and a local fabric destash. I could not buy myself a coffee or a bacon and egg brunch without my forgotten wallet, left on my desk at home, but I could buy fabric at the destash thanks to Cath, a clever stallholder, who accepted Paypal. Mobile phones to the rescue. Thanks also go to Ann-Marie who took pity on my penniless state and kindly bought me a coffee with real money. I owe you! As for the fabric, it was a destash. It was a bargain. Resistance was futile.

Destash purchases

I managed to buy all of this even though my wallet was far, far away. Clever, eh?
Yes, more florals … and strawberries!

My Fat Quarter Shop voucher needed using. Then, of course, I had to fill the envelope to make the postage worthwhile. I am already getting lots of use from my perfect circles.

Fat Quarter Shop order

The top two fabrics are for works in progress. The bottom two are for bags I want to make. I am stockpiling the Fancy Forest pattern for when I become a step-granny.

I spent one day volunteering at the local quilt show. I had only stepped a few paces inside the door when I bought Chuck Nohara’s book, which was on my shopping list. The show was not even open yet, but the Can Do Books stallholder was happy to make a sale before official opening hours.

QuiltWest purchases

Liberty, Chuck and woodworking glue make an interesting shopping bag.

And my Liberty Addicts Club parcel arrived from Amitié Textiles. It is eight fat-sixteenths sent out quarterly – not too over the top. I already started cutting into that before I thought to take a photo. This was the one thing that I had planned to buy this year even during my period of restraint.

Massdrop is a bad influence. The two neatly tied bundles at the back that are not otherwise accounted for came from Massdrop.

Fabric haul

All of this fabric followed me home in recent months. A few undeclared Liberty pieces missed the photoshoot.

And I still have my Fabric Please! order sitting at a friend’s house in Canada where it waits for my hubby to collect it and bring it home. I won a voucher thanks to Jenn of A Quarter Inch from the Edge.

But I have learned one very important lesson since Easter: buying fabric as a pick-me-up is not the worst thing you can do. Last month, I decided on a whim to ask my hairdresser to put a semi-permanent colour through my hair. After all my hard work packing and moving my grandmother, I thought a treat for me was in order. The last time I coloured my hair was in the mid-1990s. However, this time I developed a very, very nasty allergic reaction to the dye. My scalp was raw, but it even caused a rash on my back and legs that still lingers more than a fortnight later. At least buying fabric does not make me itch or break out in a rash and weeping sores. If you have the slightest suspicion that you have sensitive skin (I cannot use sunscreen or wash dishes), read up on hair dye allergies and ask your hairdresser to do a patch test two days before your appointment. It could save you a lot of misery.

The moral of the story is that buying fabric is much better for me than going to the hairdresser. Maybe my stash is not so bad after all. Any excuse to buy more fabric!

24 thoughts on “Buying fabric does not give you a rash

  1. I was so impressed by your restraint earlier in the year, but I’m more impressed with your stash building capacity (especially without wallet). I agree, stash building is not evil, and certainly better for your health than most things. Hope you’re feeling better. x

  2. I’m… well, um, a bit… *surprised* at how much you’ve managed to accumulate 🙂 That’s a lot of Chuck Nohara blocks, a lot of humidicrib covers, a lot of cushions. Did you realise how much it was before you took the photos? If so, bravo on the full disclosure. If not, are you surprised yourself, or merely anxious to get it all put safely away? There are some really lovely floral prints there; for me, the looser, more painterly designs are more beautiful, but in the real world of Chiconia, they’d be turned into garments rather than quilts!

  3. Well, if we needed another reason to buy fabric, that hair story is a winner! I am sorry you found out the hard way- I prefer my naturally greying hair all the better now! I bought my Chuck Nohara book from Can Do books- they are only a few kilometres up the road from me! Love all those florals- is there anything better??!!!

  4. Love all of your fabric purchases! Much healthier than hair dye. What a pity I missed the destash and the coffee for Instagrammers sounded fun too. We will have to have our own little coffee party of our own soon. Loved the quilt fair this year, it was great and I bought a lot of supplies. Wink wink!

  5. When you follow off the wagon, you fall hard. But I have to say you got some awesome fabrics and I know you will put them to good use.

  6. Well, the saying the one who dies with the most fabric wins certainly won’t be lost with you. The fabrics are lovely. The large flower patterns are simply beautiful. You’ll surely be very busy for quite some time.
    I’m so allergic to lots of things. I know how bad any type of reaction can be. Some years ago I had a reaction to some perm. Horrible!!!!
    If you rinse your scalp with witch hazel it helps to take the soreness away and coconut oil helps to heal. You only need a tiny bit of the oil as is a bit oily but it is very releaving. Hope all will be well soon. Lorij

  7. Geez Carla! Now you’ll have to go shopping to ease the pain of the last two weeks as well. I could help shop, I mean, nurse you with that?

  8. That’s a lot of fabric but sometimes it’s exactly what you need (and without the awful sounding rash!!!). And that stockpile of purchases made without a wallet is truly impressive. It just proves that when you need a fabric fix, nothing can stop you! I bought that same Pepper Cory bundle from massdrop and had my eye on the other one but decided against it at the last minute.

  9. You’re brave to list all your purchases like that. I don’t think I’ve purchased quite that much fabric this year, but if I was forced to lay it all out like that I might be proved wrong. As you say, better investment than hair dye. Have fun with it.

  10. You poor thing! My money is with the fabric – no more dye (until the grey reappears). We love many of the same fabrics – that peachy cloud 9 …

    • No more dye for me even when the grey reappears. Sadly, I think the few greys will be back before the itch goes away. 
      The Cloud 9 fabric was a moment of self-indulgent weakness. I do not have a project or a purpose for that yet, but it is so lovely.

  11. Wow I love all your purchases and would love to see how you store it all away! I have sensitive skin but thankfully never had a problem with it at the hairdressers. After that you deserve some comforting fabric to pet and admire!

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