Bee, myself and I: March

Honestly, it is amazing that I managed to get any sewing done in March. It was a hectic month that started with a solid fortnight of long working hours without pause, followed by a fortnight of hosting a Japanese student, the son of a friend I have known since we were both teenagers. The second half of the month was a lot of fun but very busy. The first half of the month was no fun at all. I have a mountain of unread blog posts, unreplied emails and all sorts of chaos to try to catch up on. I hope April is more manageable.

However, I did finish enough flowering snowball blocks that I can mark myself as having completed my Bee, Myself and I goals.

Flowering snowball quilt

Nine blocks sewn. Only forty more to go!

I finished one Liberty hexagon (pattern from Katja Marek’s The New Hexagon), but as that only meant adding three pieces to a block I had already mostly sewn in February, it is not much to crow about.

Blocks made using Katja Marek’s The New Hexagon

Not much progress to report here!

I also sewed a couple of the easier blocks from The Splendid Sampler sew-along. I hope to make a few more this weekend and catch up a bit, although I should probably focus on hand sewing the binding on my Possum Magic quilt so it can go in the local May quilt show.

The Splendid Sampler blocks

I have a few more that are almost complete. Almost.

This is all the sewing I did in March, apart from finishing a cushion cover I made for an Instagram swap organised by Little Island Quilting. The swap has been fun, but I have never before been so close to missing a deadline. Not a nice feeling. I only finished in time as I had most of it sewn in February, before life became hectic. I will share that project a bit later when it reaches its secret recipient.


So, that is my selfish sewing for March. Anyone is welcome to join in and set their own solitary sewing bee goals. The details and a button are here.

Others had a lot more success in setting aside sewing time. Please hop across and check out these other selfish sewing projects. They might inspire you to start your own solitary sewing bee.

  • Deana has been working on three projects, including her Sweet Cherry Orange quilt, which I adore. The colours are so very pretty.
  • Kate over at Tall Tales from Chiconia has made four lovely hatbox quilt blocks.
  • Shauna of Shauna’s World has made great progress og her blocks. If you love scrappy or purple, check it out. She might even make me become a fan of purple at this rate.
  • Jane of Current Girlfriend has been working on her ugly sweaters blocks. Yes, that is a real thing. The patterns are rather adorable, really.
  • Mary is making an English paper pieced bag using a pattern by Brigitte Giblin, the designer of my most recent quilt, so I know I am going to love that.

I tried to get all fancy and insert thumbnails of what they are working on, but that was an epic fail.


20 thoughts on “Bee, myself and I: March

  1. The work you have managed to achieve despite all life’s obstacles is beautiful, and you should be proud. I’m really loving your colour choices for the Splendid Sampler.

  2. Hurray for getting even a little selfish sewing in during your hectic month! I had my post all ready to go and then got wallopped by yet another health issue. It’s up now for anyone who wants to have a look.

  3. All things considered you’ve done well Carla! All your projects are super- I love the flowering snowball block (even the name is pretty!) and your colour choice for the sampler blocks is lovely! I have done some ‘selfish ‘ sewing but am away so blogging is tricky! Definitely next month!

  4. The beauty of your selfish sewing goals is that they can be worked in around work and life! Flowering snowballs is looking gorgeous, love the little black joiner piece.

  5. I think you have made a marvelous showing this month, especially all things considered! It also occurred to me just now, that most, like 99%, of my sewing constitutes “selfish” or solitary sewing…and so while I didn’t work on my Medallion this month, that in itself was my big self moment…to put it away in favor of other spontaneous choices! I might have blogged about that after all! Lol!

  6. Carla, I am really enjoying your “Bee, Myself, and I” bee this year. I have visited all of the links and am enjoying watching their progress.

    Your Flowering Snowball quilt is to die for! I just love those colors. I must get mine quilted this year.

    Your Splendid Sampler is to die for! I wish I could participate but must finish my Dear Jane first.

  7. Oh Carla, I think I am in trouble. I am falling in love with your Splendid Sampler. I am seriously considering doing it but really have no business starting a new project ESPECIALLY one as time consuming as I know this will be. It is seriously comparble to a Dear Jane of which I still have two rows left plus the border triangles.

    Your colors are so wonderful, but then, you are so pro at fabric selection. I love the old fashioned look that those tiny prints create.

  8. For such a busy month you accomplished a lot. I think maybe you are in the southern hemsiphere? Anyway, all of your photos remind me that spring is coming — at least here on the U.S. You chose beautiful colors and fabrics.

  9. I totally understand being busy and having a back up of emails, blog posts, life commitments…the works! Someone you’re still managing to make stunning quilts. I’m super impressed by the flowering snowball blocks – such perfect points! Beautiful!

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