Bee, myself and I

So far in 2015, I think have made more than 30 bee blocks. I have not counted properly, and the actual number is probably closer to 40 or 50. I have had a wonderful time sewing for bees and round robins, and making humidicrib quilts to donate, but I realised that I am not making many quilts for myself from start to finish. It is time to remedy that.

I am going to start a new quilting project for 2016. Instead of signing up for a sewing bee, I will make myself a promise that I will complete at least three quilt blocks for myself every month, and I will set aside time each month to work on them. I will be both queen bee and worker bee.

I even made myself a button (thank you, iStock) to remind me to make some selfish sewing time for me bee, myself and I.


Anyone want to join me? Do you have any plans for some selfish sewing in 2016?

Warning: expect lots of Joan Armatrading earworm action and silly humming.


41 thoughts on “Bee, myself and I

  1. Joan Armatrading?! Oh my, blast from my past, lol! I did a similar thing this year with my own Simply Sawtooth BOM…but it wasn’t because I deserved it because of unselfish sewing, like you 🙂 Love your button! Have fun!!

  2. We can join in? No “I wanna be by myself”? I reckon this might be the perfect opportunity to finally make the Kaffe Fassett hatbox quilt I’ve been wanting to make for over 5 years… There are 36 units in the pattern, so three a month, which is quite manageable. I’m in! Are you starting 1st January and finishing at the end of December, or starting today and finishing at the end of next November? Regular linked up posting date? Code for your button, so I can add it?

    • I want to work on my own projects, Kate, but that doesn’t mean I want to become a hermit! 🙂

      I planned to start 1 January and continue through to the end of the year. That gives me December to pick at least one new project.

      I had not thought as far ahead as the rest. I can send the button and code to anyone who wants to join in – with however many blocks they want to set themselves. I chose three as I think I made that many for others this year. If anyone else wants to join, we can work out the details such as posting dates and how to link as we go. The end of the month seems logical to me.

  3. Carla, I couldn’t love this idea more if I tried. And like Yvonne said, you’d given so much to all of us in the quilting community, going above and beyond in whatever bee you were participating in. I love the idea of selfish sewing and that little button is even cuter! I think you’re on to something great.

  4. Hi Carla

    I think I will. You have really made me think.

    I am mentally looking round our house and the only quilt I have is the first one I made at a class about 8 years ago. I have a couple of patchwork bags (in the wardrobe).

    I have made baby quilts, granddaughter quilts, grandson quilts, one for a son in France. Raffle prize table runners. I was collecting fabric to make a quilt for my own bed when I said to one of our granddaughters would you like to make yourself a skirt and she picked one of my half metres put by for my quilt. How could i say no. She was about 6 years old and obviously has the same good taste as me!!

    i am just making a christmas table runner for a small kitchen table, then to finish 2 for the dining room, then 2 baby quilts to be finished by January, and 2 quilts for grandsons promised. One will be 18 in March, then it will be for me. To be fair I do make my own clothes a lot of the time.

    Take care Kate

    I shall be looking forward to your posts. Please don’t stop those coming.

    • I do not think anyone could resist a 6-year-old granddaughter’s request for a skirt is a favourite fabric!

      It sounds like you could enjoy some sewing just for yourself too, Kate. Maybe you can find some more of that fabric to replace what was used in the skirt and finally make your bed a quilt.

  5. This is a great idea Carla. Quilters are such giving people, and sometimes we get caught up in giving to others and let our own needs fall to the side. Doing for yourself can be therapeutic – I wish you lots of great sewing next year! 🙂

  6. Carla, you have been very generous this year. I think you owe it to the beds in your house to do a bit of selfish sewing. I’m trying to cut back on swaps and that type of sewing. One of the bees I’m in is finishing up, so next year will be a bit different for me too.

    • I have my Stash Bee quilt top rapidly approaching the first position on my to-do list. I hope to have the top assembled before the end of the year.
      Whaaat!? I have a fan club?
      I’ll sort out how to send the button or its code in the next week or so.

  7. I love this idea. I love doing bee blocks, but like you I didn’t finish nearly as many quilts last year. I think I will join you in doing some selfish sewing next year!!!

  8. Oh Carla you must be my soul sister. When I saw some bee block the other day I was thinking the exact thing! Make at least few blocks each month for myself 🙂

  9. I haven’t counted my bee blocks this past year, but I know it’s a lot. What a nice idea to sew for ones self ; ) who would have thought! I don’t think I’ve made a quilt for me since………..I don’t know
    Might join in if that’s alright ; )

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