Castles, pandas and balloons

It is August, the eighth month, and I have eight humidicrib quilts finished – one for each month this year. Hurrah!

In an earlier post, I wrote about finishing the castle and panda quilt tops. Since then, I have quilted and bound those two and made a third.

The castle quilt was made using the castle pattern by Blossom Heart Quilts. I simply reduced the pattern to 90 per cent to fit the set size of the humidicribs. The pattern is foundation paper pieced, and straightforward for anyone who knows how to foundation paper piece.

Castle quilt, pattern by Blossom Heart Quilts

I ended up using grey binding as it had fairy-tale text, which seemed appropriate.

The panda quilt uses the Fat Quarter Shop’s free panda pattern, with a bit of extra bamboo for good measure.

Panda quilt, pattern by Fat Quarter Shop

I quilted in the ditch around the panda and bamboo, and then filled in the background with swirls.

As promised, here is a picture of Big Ted, my childhood teddy bear, posing with the quilt he resembles. Big Ted is no longer really black and white. His white bits are a bit grey and grimy, and his black bits have faded with age. I have had to sew up his groin seam on more than one occasion. I was given him the day of my birth, so he is as ancient as I am. Given his age, he is holding up well.

A panda quilt and a panda teddy bear

Poor Big Ted is showing his age a bit. We are both getting a bit grey.

The third quilt top was made using the Fat Quarter Shop’s Snapshots quilt-along pattern for a balloon, released in July.

Balloon quilt block from Snapshots quilt-along

The polka-dot print is too directional and shows the joins more than I like, but I am happy with the other fabrics I chose.

I quilted and bound all three in a production line, stitching in the ditch around the main part of each design and filling in the backgrounds with swirls. I thought about quilting a cloud design behind the balloon, but in the end went for windy swirls. I do not think ballooning is safe when it is that windy, but we will attribute this to artistic licence.

Balloon quilt from Snapshots quilt-along

My favourite part is the cloud print in the background. It is subtle, but it is perfect for the balloon.

I mentioned in my last humidicrib post that I was not able to use a cloud or rain print behind the castle because the fabric I had lacked contrast – the castle would have blended into the sky. After finishing that quilt top, I spotted a bolt of Sarah Jane’s Out to Sea range in a local fabric shop, and it told me I had to buy it for the next humidicrib quilt. It was perfect to add subtle clouds to the background of the balloon. I try to make these quilts from stash, but I am not against buying fabrics that suit baby quilts to add to my stash.

Close up of fabric and swirl quilting

Close up, you can see the subtle clouds and birds of the Sarah Jane print.

My enthusiasm for baby quilts never ceases to amaze me. Why is this? I have never had a baby myself, but I have such fun making for other people’s babies.

Stack of baby quilt binding

I have eight tiny quilts finished and ready to donate at the end of the year.

42 thoughts on “Castles, pandas and balloons

  1. You put me to shame! I am still wondering where I’m going to find time to finish the third block for F2F this month, finish my niece’s quilt AND start one I’d promised last year for a birthday in mid October… Where does the time go? I do love the attention to detail and thought you bring to creating the humidicribs.

  2. Hi Carla
    I love what you manage to create with so many fabrics and so many different ideas. I made your peg bag quite a while ago and as I am naughty and leave it in the garden I had to make another. I have also made a few for friends.
    Thank you for all your inspiration

  3. I know what you mean about having a lot of enthusiasm for making baby quilts; they are very satisfying to put together because they come together so quickly (I think). I really like the birds and clouds under the hot air balloon. Have you delivered any of the quilts or will you drop off all 12 from the year at once?

  4. How fun it is to make a small quilt with special details. 12 large quilts wouldn’t be nearly as sweet. Those little quilts each hold a snuggle story for a tiny baby to hear. I have also enjoyed making little quilts for other people’s babies. I think I’ll try the castle. Your blog is always a treat to read. Thanks, Carla!

    • A dozen large quilts would be such a big task that I might get frightened and not finish! At least I feel like I have set myself an achievable goal.

      Do try the castle, Jane. You will have fun choosing fussy-cut prints to feature in the windows.

  5. They’re all lovely Carla. I love the quilting you’ve done. I didn’t realise you could do that. You’re braver than me, I haven’t even tried FMQ yet, though I am loving straight line quilting with my new machine. There’s going to be some very happy babies in Perth soon.

  6. The cloud fabric is a perfect and wise purchase 🙂 You don’t have to have had a baby to want to make things for them. The innocence of a babe is to be adored, cherished and celebrated … especially when all the hard work that goes along with it is someone else’s jobs lol 🙂 These humidicrib quilts are going to be so appreciated!

  7. I love the hot air balloon… I too feel that ballooning under those wind conditions would likely be reckless. And baby quilts are such fun to make. Babies never complain about the colours, the complexity of the design, whether it matches the couch… nothing. The parents and kiddos who receive these will love them!

    • Very reckless ballooning! The parents are able to choose which they like from the quilts people have donated to the hospital, so I am sure even the parents can find one that suits them and their easy-going babies.

  8. Oh I love that hot air balloon, my mom is obsessed with them! Your bear looks very loved, not a speck of grime, just lots of snuggles 🙂 My bear is still at my parents house on my bookcase, he’s in equal condition!

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