Sail away

Quilt-as-you-go blocks are addictive. Anything to avoid Christmas shopping, right?

Yesterday, I finished my second batch of blocks for Alison’s Soy Amado projectWendy and I are making a set of green and blue blocks that Alison can combine into a quilt to donate.

Last week, I made four plane blocks. This week, I made four boats, or are they yachts? I am sure a proper sailor would have a fit with my improper sail shapes. You call that a mainsail? My fabulous sailor friends who have competed in the Fastnet Race would not be impressed with my lack of yacht designing skills!

This project has made a large dent in my blue stash, but I am going to try to resist temptation and not restock. Let’s see how long that resolve lasts. Perhaps about as long as my I-will-not-start-new-projects resolve, which faltered last night when I found myself cutting fabric for a new baby quilt idea.

Of course, after all these boats, I now have Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’ buzzing about in my head as an earworm. Oh well. It could be worse; the earworm could be Enya’s ‘Orinoco flow’!


13 thoughts on “Sail away

  1. These are delightful. I am impressed by your output! Love the Soy quilts.
    Hoping a little of your motivation rubs off on me as I begin my Dear Jane on Jan 1st! Super blog, Thanks

    • There is no pattern, Diana, for the Soy Amado quilts. Alison accepts any good 12-inch blocks (12.5 inches with seam allowances) quilted and ready for her to assemble. I drew the boat and the plane patterns myself.

  2. I see pattern designing as a new path to celebrity. You do a great job with simple sweetness. BTW, I checked out Soy Amado, and then down the rabbit hole of that blog and fell in love with the fabric, her style, and now I have to start a Weekender Bag despite my resolution to NOT start anything new. hugs.

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