Plumber’s hat

I started knitting a hat only a fortnight ago when a magazine in a newsagent inspired me with the idea of making a beanie (hat, toque) for my stepdaughter’s husband. I found the yarn, Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran, where I work at Calico and Ivy.

I did not think I could finish it before Christmas, and I did not, so we bought another Christmas gift for him. This hat will be waiting in the wings now until his birthday in May. However, I can tell you all about it without ruining the surprise because if there is one thing that I am confident about, it is that a 27-year-old plumber who has no interest in social media has far better things to do with his spare time than read his stepmother-in-law’s craft blog.

Beanie knitted using Carol Feller's Mason's Hat pattern

A wide brim will keep ears toasty.

Beanie knitted using Carol Feller's Mason's Hat pattern

I like a neat crown on a hat pattern.

Beanie knitted using Carol Feller's Mason's Hat pattern

It is a generous size!

What I love about this pattern is its elasticity. It is like it is ribbed all the way to the top, so it sits snugly on the head without being tight. It will be perfect for winters in the windy coastal city where he lives. The brim is really wide and will keep his ears toasty and warm.

If you are a knitter and interested in knowing more, the pattern details are on my Ravelry page.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

15 thoughts on “Plumber’s hat

  1. It’s lovely! And suitably blokey and a good colour, too. If I could knit, I’d make one for the Husband, who has stolen my microfleece Thinsulate beanie for cold June/July nights out at the mines when he’s doing his deliveries. Sigh…

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