Another basket

I lined another basket to hold the knitted blanket I am making. My other knitting baskets and bags were either full or too small. Without the lining, the yarn snagged on the basket.

Lined knitting basket with hidden zipper pocket

I have cast on the knitted blanket!

To line the basket, I used the same method as my vintage-style sewing basket, but instead of adding elasticated pockets all around, I added a zipper pocket on one side using this tutorial.  I added the pocket before attaching the sides to the base, and the pocket is completely concealed within the layers of the sides. I thought the small pocket would be handy for keeping my stitch markers and small scissors.

Lined knitting basket with hidden zipper pocket

I put the zipper pocket on one of the long sides. It will be somewhere to store stitch markers and the like without worrying about them tangling in the yarn.

The basket was another inexpensive op-shop find. I almost used some fabric I found in the bottom of the cupboard that I think I bought to make a pair of shorts in the 1990s, but it was too beige and dull. This print, which I am unlikely to ever use in a quilt, seemed a bit more cheerful. The zipper is the one I bought back in the 1990s to make those hideous shorts.

I should have gathered the basket base using machine stitches. It had only two layers of fabric not four, unlike my other basket, so it would have been possible. I was not thinking and I ran a line of gathering stitches by hand, so the gathers are a bit uneven. Whoops!

9 thoughts on “Another basket

  1. I occasionally look at baskets when I visit the salvos but they’re sometimes hit and miss either with styles or prices. I don’t think Ive seen a nice sturdy one like the one you picked up! That’s the kind I’m often looking for but I see lots of rejected Easter egg sampler gift baskets and these square open weave ones I’m positive came from Red Rooster meals back in the day. Love the idea of adding a lining to spruce them up.

  2. Shock horror! Uneven gathers! You really must get over this compulsion to point out the most microscopic defect… That’s a lovely, useful and clever basket. Give yourself a large pat on the back. I’m thinking of making a cylindrical fabric covered box with a zip round the circumference and a hole in the top for yarn to come out for a knitting friend. Does that sound like the kind of thing a knitter would use? Advice, please.

    • PS: I think of it less as a defect and more as a ‘learning experience’. I only point out things I would have done differently with hindsight in case it helps anyone else making something similar. Don’t worry – I am not beating myself up for my failings! 🙂

      • Well good, because they’re darned few as far as I can tell! Thank you for the knitter gift advice. I shall post it when I’m done, carefully arranging the photo to hide any defects!

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