UFO update

I have not yet shared my May UFO because it is away being long-arm quilted. May’s UFO, a sampler quilt, was such a large project that I set myself a far more modest goal for June: finish a top that I bought the fabric for and cut out in January 2018. Since then, it has been variously draped over my dressmaker’s dummy, folded in a basket or on the desk in my sewing room. Since I finished it last month, it has been on a coathanger in my sewing room.

The top is a repeat of a Liberty top I made in 2017 with Simplicity 1253. The fabric came from the Strawberry Thief, and Robyn helped me chose the fabric. There were many floral fabrics I loved that simply did not suit me as well as this one.

Top made with Liberty fabric

The fabric is a blue-purple colour.

I chose a gold button from my grandmother’s button jar to finish it.

Top made with Liberty fabric

Granny’s button jar comes in handy.

Now that it is finished, it can hang in my wardrobe until spring and warmer weather.

Top made with Liberty fabric

I matched the fabric pattern down the back seam.

In July, I have been working on another UFO that needs a lot of hand appliqué. Since finding it in the cupboard, I have fallen back in love with it and look forward to finishing it, but one month will not be a realistic deadline. It will need longer. Sigh.

I will share May’s project when its binding is sewn on and it is truly finished, but I still feel I can claim to have finished six UFOs this year.

6 thoughts on “UFO update

  1. Lovely top, and the colour will be smashing on you. Can we not have tiny peeks of the two that you’ve just completed and are currently working on? Posting is for progress too, not just finishes…

  2. The golden button is a lovely finishing accent for the top. Congratulations on working through so many UFOs, and I am glad that the July project is bringing so much joy (even though it may take a bit longer than a month to finish).

  3. The top is beautiful. I wish there were enough hours in the day for me to learn to make clothes but right now I’ll stick to work, reading and quilting.

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