Eucalyptus in the rain shawl

Ages ago, I bought two skeins of Knitcraft & Knittery 4-ply (fingering weight) yarn on a whim because I liked the shade of eucalyptus green. I planned to make a shawl or scarf and, after a long period of indecision, I chose Sylvia McFadden’s ‘Waiting for Rain’ pattern. The pattern has almost 5000 projects in Ravelry; it is hugely popular.

The shawl’s shape does not photograph well flat, but it sits nicely around shoulders.

The ends usually curl more than this, and I love their curliness.

I finished it in September, but it took a while for me to wash and block it, another while to take photographs and even longer to sit down and share it here. We at the tail end of an absolutely horrible summer heatwave, and I doubt I will be wearing it for a few months yet.

The pattern is really clear and provides both written instructions and charts. I normally love charts, but I found myself using the written instructions instead. I have no idea why.

The shawl has a lovely organic crescent shape that, after some good blocking, drapes really nicely.

It really is not easy to photograph flat.

The pattern has options for a plain or fancy bottom edge. I chose fancy. Of course.

I chose to knit the lacier border option on the bottom edge.

Here I am, sitting in my sewing room and contemplating my pile of sewing UFOs (and some finished projects that I am yet to photograph or find homes for). Perhaps ‘pile’ of UFOs is the wrong word; they are scattered about the room in a manner more like the aftermath of an explosion than a neat pile. My working hours are slightly reduced until February, and I am hoping to finish some projects, but will I?

4 thoughts on “Eucalyptus in the rain shawl

  1. Lovely shawl, lovely colour! I hope you do complete some of those WIPs, I’d love to see a few posts from you… Maybe even just a post listing what you’ve got to finish, and maybe the odd photo? Pretty please?

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