More baby stuff

My new workplace is not the fertility springs that my old workplace was, but I still have plenty of babies to make things for.

In recent weeks, I knitted a jumper (sweater) for a 6-month-old baby. I think the light blue with a hint of purplish-grey is a gender-neutral colour.

This little jumper is one of the reasons I love Ravelry. I bought two balls of the Rowan wool–cotton yarn from Calico & Ivy’s sale bin when it was being discontinued. They sat in my stash until the day I decided I wanted to make a baby jumper. Using Ravelry’s pattern search function, I was able to narrow down patterns that I could make with the quantity I had. Ravelry allows me to buy yarn – either because I fall in love with it or because I know it is good quality at a great price – and be confident that I will find the perfect pattern for it when the time is right. That was not possible when I learned to knit as a teenager.

I made a pair of bibs in a whale print. The whale-print flannel was bought on the cheap from Spotlight, and it is not the best quality: the print is unevenly dyed. I guess that is okay for something practical that will be covered in all sorts of goop. I only bought it because my stepdaughter was considering a whale-themed baby room at one stage.

When I made this style of bib before, I used a narrower binding, which was fiddly to work with but gave a neater finish. Using the wider binding was worth a try, but I will go back to the narrow binding in future, even if I have to make my own binding to get the colour I want.

The jumper and the bibs have gone to my stepdaughter for her baby. With only one month to wait before her due date, I have also just finished the main gift I have planned for her baby. It is pretty special, if I do say so myself, but I will wait to share it here later.

I knitted a second pair of navy-blue baby socks in a wool–possum blend by Waikiwi. These were given to a work colleague who recently had a baby boy. The lovely Waikiwi yarn was particularly appropriate because she has a connection to New Zealand.

Hand-knitted baby socks

These are the same as an earlier pair: same pattern and same yarn.

I also knitted a pink hat for a newborn.

As all of these items have already been given away or will be handed over shortly. I will have to get to work on the next batch of baby gifts!

Yes, my knitting phase continues, but I picked up a sewing needle yesterday. It was one of those days: it has been raining all week, and I have a cold, and so I pottered about in my sewing room in my PJs all day. When I had a shower, I put on clean PJs instead of clothes. I did not make any real progress on anything, but I tidied away some scraps and cut them into useable sizes. A PJs-in-the-rain day is such a rare luxury.


9 thoughts on “More baby stuff

  1. You must surely have earned honorary granny status by now, with all those luscious knitted baby gifts in gorgeous colours a million miles from the usual anaemic pastels. I’m really keen to see what the extra special gift is!

  2. How much fun to make baby items. Your skill as a knitter have been developed over time; and your talent shows. My daughter has resumed her talent for knitting and I love seeing her projects. She is a Ravelry fan also. A grandbaby is a joy! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful projects. Do hope your cold has moved along.

  3. Such cute things!

    Sorry you aren’t well, but is there any better feeling than clean pjs after a shower? Unless it is followed by clean sheets on the bed!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your knitted projects, and admire your industry. Such beautiful things!! Congrats on the upcoming grandchild; I know your creations will be used. I also think a foggy, rainy day is perfect for puttering in the PJs!

  5. Great baby items. I have to get back into knitting. We’ve had rain for weeks and weeks…but it’s gone for now…fingers crossed…..

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