Geese and mountains

I am frantically hand quilting my Christmas tree skirt (any completion date before midnight on Christmas Eve will feel like a win), but I cannot believe that it is almost Christmas and the end of another year. This year has been a busy, busy blur.

Even though I have been busy, when I promise to help, I stick to my promises, especially for a good cause. Kate is once again making a quilt to raise funds for ovarian cancer research, and I once again contributed a block.

This quilt’s theme is ‘Go teal it on the mountain’, and Kate asked for teal and cream blocks that looked vaguely mountainous. She also mentioned that pointy shapes like flying geese might be appropriate. The combination of ‘mountains’ and ‘geese’ led me to this.

Go teal it on the mountain - ovarian cancer quilt

A bit more ironing might not have gone astray.

I made the geese in two oversized foundation-paper-pieced sections. I could have made the mountains in an improv style, but anyone who knows me knows that I struggle with random and asymmetrical. I wanted the geese flying in a natural(ish) formation, but I wanted the mountains to be regular, so I drew them on a sheet of 12-inch grid paper and foundation pieced them too. It was a bit fiddly, and I would not be easily able to explain my methods, but it worked.

Now, it must be time to get back to that hand quilting. It is that or doing my overdue taxes. Maybe a Christmas mince pie will fuel both tasks.


8 thoughts on “Geese and mountains

  1. Taxes or quilting, oooh, that’s a tricky one… I think mince pies will decide in favour of quilting. After all, the date of Christmas is fixed, but overdue taxes, weeeellll, whenever! You know I love your block, as I’ve said so in many different ways in my post about it, but I’ll say it again: it’s gorgeous!

  2. Your block is amazing! You actually have right up until the first gift is opened Christmas Day. LOL Eat the pie!!!

  3. I definitely agree with the buy blur part! At least I get to catch up with you here! Lovely block and such a good cause … enjoy that mince pie 🙂

  4. I love those mini geese, they are amazing! I am trying to finish my Advent Mittens…they need to go up today…DH and Girl #2 are eating the treats that belonged in the mittens!

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