Pretty socks

A few months ago, I impulsively bought a skein of MadelineTosh sock yarn because it was such as gorgeous fuchsia colour. My plan was to make socks for me, but I gave them to my stepdaughter because they ended up the tiniest whisker too big for me and the perfect fit on her.

'On hold socks' patern by Wendy Johnson knitted in MadelineTosh sock

The lace pattern is interesting enough to be fun to knit without being a complicated chore.

I knitted the two socks together, using the inside of the ball for one and the outside for the other. I ended up with almost no leftover yarn because I was able to keep knitting until I ran out. I love knitting two socks at a time from the toe up for that reason.

'On hold socks' patern by Wendy Johnson knitted in MadelineTosh sock

I like how the lace pattern extends into the cuff.

'On hold socks' patern by Wendy Johnson knitted in MadelineTosh sock

Another pair of socks to keep toes toasty.

Yes, I am a little disappointed that I did not keep them for myself, especially because the colour is so beautiful and such a good match for the beanie I made and the scarf I am still working on.

Maybe I will have to cast on another pair of socks for me!

If you are a knitter, the pattern and other details are on my Ravelry page.

12 thoughts on “Pretty socks

  1. I am intrigued how you were able to knit both on circular needles. Is there a video out there to watch? I am a few rows into my first attempt at double pointed needles and am finding it very challenging. Susie.

  2. Making my own socks is on my bucket list, as I am not a knitter. I am hoping it is such a charming event, it will lead to other knitting. My pasr experience with yarn, no matter where I start from it knots. Genius how you worked these, it almost seems magic!

  3. They are a lovely colour Carla! Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to make a slightly smaller pair! I wish I could take a lesson from you. Sock knitting has been on my list for way too long!

  4. Those are lovely!! I’d be disappointed, too but now you know the pattern needs to be resized a bit for you. I’ve not tried socks from the toe up or two at a time but being able to use all the yarn might just be the incentive I need to try both ideas!

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