Humidicrib quilts – the gallery

A bit of idle curiosity inspired me to wonder how many humidicrib quilts I have made over the years. I think I photographed most of them.

Let’s see …

And that adds up to … lots!

One was made as a nursery wall-hanging for my Spanish teacher. The others all were donated to a local hospital’s neotatal unit.

I wonder whether I have forgotten any.

Any favourites among the bunch?


22 thoughts on “Humidicrib quilts – the gallery

  1. Thank you so much Carla for sharing these beautiful quilts with us. I enjoyed looking at them very much. In fact, I will enjoy looking them over again tomorrow over a cuppa. You are in inspiration.

  2. Favourites? The hearts, strawberries, aeroplanes and the cat… That’s an impressive array of loveliness, and you should be proud of the happiness and pleasure you’ve brought to families and babies over the years.

  3. Oh wow Carla, amazing little quilts. My faves are the cherry cake, the bike, the panda and, of course, the cat, ♥️♥️

  4. Such beautiful baby quilts, lots of variety and difficult to choose a favourite, but I really like the Lion, Lamb and Dinosaur – they made me smile. Well done on all your hard work – bet you loved designing each one 🙂 The photo’s sequence was different in my email so I got a better look at them all.

  5. Oh thank you so much for sharing these and sharing your God given talents with those who receive them. I guess it would be hard to pick but I love the elephants.

  6. What a gorgeous collection of craft and artistry mixed in with your great heart. Let’s see…my favorites are the cat, the panda, all the little squares in blue, and those delightful frogs. They’re all magnificent though. I’m so glad you put together this gallery.

  7. Wow–what a wonderful collection of baby blankets! We do the donating to neonatal hospitals in our guild, too, but the ones we donate are much simpler than your works of art. These are all so wonderful, and so perfectly wonderful for new babies. I am in awe!

  8. So many cute quilts!! And refreshing to see someone using thoughtful designs and pretty fabrics to make quilts for donation instead of just slapping unwanted stuff! Well done!

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