Lucky last

As I explained last week, my plan to sew one humidicrib cover each month in 2018 is being cut short, and this one will be my last.

Strawberry humidicrib sewn by Granny Maud's Girl

I raided my scrap bag of 2½-inch squares.

I made the top and quilted it a few months ago, and then I decided to try a piped, peeper or flange binding. It was my first such experiment. I used a technique for a machine-sewn binding, but I do not like the backs of my quilts looking messy, so I finished it by hand. Anything that can be sewn by machine can be sewn by hand, right? Yes, but it was awkward, bulky and fiddly, and I was not having fun, so I procrastinated.

I like the two-tone look, but I will try a different technique next time to try to find a method that is more hand-sewing friendly.

Binding with false piping

Here is what the two-tone binding looks like up close.

For once, I did not struggle with ideas for how to quilt something.

Back of strawberry quilt

I stitched in the ditch around the strawberry, and I sewed cross-hatched lines through the middle and loops in the background.

The strawberry idea was one of those I-need-to-make-it-now moments after I saw Susan’s strawberry block on Instagram. It is an easy grid-based block that needs no pattern. I simplified the piecing on my version and made it so that each square finishes at 2 inches. Each strawberry is 14 by 10 inches.

Strawberry humidicrib sewn by Granny Maud's Girl

I tried not to repeat fabrics too often in each strawberry.

I think I have ended my humidicrib quilt phase on a high!


13 thoughts on “Lucky last

  1. You certainly have ended your humidicrib run on a high. The strawberries are gorgeous. I hope you find something just as meaningful to replace this mission you have had – whether it be public or personal. Doing for others helps to lift us too. Blessings.

  2. I love your fabric placement; the strawberries look as if they have a lovely shine to them. Here’s a link which gives a YouTube video for the flange binding process I use. You do end up with a tidy back and no hand stitching.

  3. You definitely ended on a high. The quilt is sweet and quilted just right. Did you stitch to the back and then hand stitch the front? Hmm, I can definitely see that might be a bit fiddly. I’d love to hear if you find a way to do it that is easier for hand finishing.

  4. I love this one Carla. What a pity it will be the end, but at least you are “free” to work on other things now. You’re a good woman!

  5. I love that your humidcrib quilts are so colorful and just plain fun. Excellent job on that two-toned binding, as well as the quilting and design. Anyone who receives this will be a lucky recipient!

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