Baby socks

Because the recent baby boom at my office emptied out my supply of ready-made baby gifts, I thought I would knit some tiny socks from the remnants of sock yarn I had in my stash. Then, I went to the local craft show in May and bought yet more sock yarn to make baby socks.

After hours spent trying to choose patterns on Ravelry (does everyone else waste hours in indecision?), I bought a set of five patterns from Char Kohl. So far, I have knitted up three of them, and I am really pleased with the results.

Baby socks made using patterns by Char Kohl

I have a new addiction: knitting baby socks.

At the craft show, I bought tiny balls of yarn called ‘Poppets’ from Prudence Mapstone. Each is only ten grams and plenty for one baby sock. Some people might have chosen pastel colours for a baby, but I chose red.

Baby socks made using 'Baby Sings the Blues' pattern

The pattern is called ‘Baby Sings the Blues’, so I made them in red.

I also chose a bright multicoloured yarn.

Baby socks made using 'Banana Pudding' pattern

I used a fun multicoloured yarn for these.

I did, as intended, use up some of my sock yarn leftovers. These blue socks were knitted with the Waikiwi yarn I used to make my husband’s socks.

Baby socks made using 'Lemon Drop Socks' pattern

I love this Waikiwi sock yarn.

I am happy with all the patterns, but the ‘Lemon Drop Socks’ in blue is my favourite pattern so far. I do not think I like these best just because I used such lovely yarn, which has a bit of alpaca and possum in it. I think it is the slightly cabled ribbing that appeals to me more than the lace and eyelets of the others.

What I love about all the patterns is that they are knitted just like adult socks, only smaller. Even the heel is reinforced, which makes me smile. It is not as though a newborn baby will need to worry about wear on sock heels! The other thing I like is the elasticity. They are all ribbed in some form, so I think they will fit well and stay on, as much as baby socks can be expected to stay on and not go flying out of the pram. For extra elasticity, I cast all of them on using an old Norwegian cast-on.

I made some sock-shaped inserts from cardboard, which I plan to leave in when I give them away. They look nice and have achieved a similar effect to blocking.

I still have two more of the patterns in the set of five to knit up. Such fun! What colour next?

If you are a knitter, the details of these projects can be found on my Ravelry page.

PS: the pattern giveaway I posted last week is still open for a few hours. I will draw a winner tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “Baby socks

  1. What a wonderful idea Carla as mums don’t use booties these days but I am sure would be very happy to receive these socks for their little ones. As I am a very red girl a must say I love the red ones but will await the next instalment.

  2. Lovely socks for babies – I especially love that you used deep colors! Babies love color, and will enjoy seeing those little peeks of it when moving their legs. I put LOTS of color into my quilts for babies for the same reason. Wish I knew how to knit!

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