Baby hats

There is a baby boom at my workplace: four women are expecting five babies. (The rest of us are eyeing the drinking water nervously.) It is a good thing I bought all that yarn on sale to make baby hats and blankets!

Song baby hat pattern knitted by Granny Maud's Girl

I used the same two colours but alternated them on each hat.

I only managed to take one quick photo before I handed them over to two of the expectant mums.

I do not often knit colourwork, so I feel that I still need a bit more practice before I am completely comfortable with the tension and carrying the floats, but I am getting there. I can now proudly knit with one colour in each hand.

I love the Rowan silk and merino blend I used. I am looking forward to knitting up the rest of the white into a baby blanket. It is so soft!

The details of the pattern are on my Ravelry page.


8 thoughts on “Baby hats

  1. Unless there’s about 1000 women at your workplace, I’d bring your own water. Especially be leery of the double baby water! The hats are adorable. Enjoy working at Fertility Springs.

  2. That is so darn cute! I love the inlaid design.
    One must be getting twins. She is in for some work. I am getting my 3rd grand baby in September – yay! I only became a granny one 11 months ago. Babies are everywhere!

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