Everyone loves a yarn sale

Beanies might seem like crazy things to make in the Western Australian summer heat, and they are. All I can say is that the yarn was on sale, and I have friends who live in cooler climates.

Both hats are repeats of earlier tried-and-tested patterns. I do not make a habit of repeating patterns, but knowing my bargain purchases would work with patterns I was familiar with allowed me to go wild in Calico & Ivy’s October sale yarn. I bought 24 balls/skeins of yarn in one day! I think I only popped into the shop to drop something off, but the prices were too good to ignore.

I made another version of Shannon Cook’s ‘Schwimmen’ pattern, this time using two skeins of Rowan’s Alpaca Colour. I did not realise that it had such a stripe going through it when I started. It is lovely and soft, but I prefer the earlier hat made with the same pattern, perhaps because it was pink.

I made a second version of the ‘Mason’s Hat’ pattern. This time, I used Rowan Tweed Aran. I bought the last three balls of a green colour that Calico & Ivy had on their sale table, but it was not enough, even though I had used three balls for the last hat and the metreage seemed comparable. I cannot blame the pattern because it told me I would need four. The problem was fixed by omitting one pattern repeat. Honestly, you would not know that the hat is not as it should be. The brim is less deep than the first, also the medium size, but it does not look oddly proportioned. I still think this is a great manly beanie pattern. The ribbing makes it marvellously stretchy, so the fit is snug, even on the windiest day, without being tight.

As always, the details are on my Ravelry projects page.

These two projects used up five of the balls I bought on sale in October. I still have:

  • two skeins of laceweight Misti Alpaca for a shawl
  • fifteen balls of cream Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK for a baby blanket
  • two balls, one each raspberry and sky blue, of Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK for either accents on the baby blanket or baby hats

Yes, I went a bit crazy, but I do still have control of my yarn stash. Honest!

Apart from my WIPs, three balls of sock yarn, a tea cosy kit, some oddments found in my grandmother’s cupboard and op shops, and the remnants of my earlier projects, that is my yarn stash. My aim is to keep my yarn stash contained in one plastic tub. It will not breed like my fabric stash. While the tub still shuts, I will be happy.

I had better get knitting.

8 thoughts on “Everyone loves a yarn sale

  1. Love the beanies. I’m thinking of knitting one up in bright orange at the moment – I’m not a fan of bright orange but it’s so I stand slightly less risk of getting shot by the hunters when I’m out walking the dogs 😦 No point making it pretty like yours so I’ll have a look for a very plain, easy pattern.
    I too have a much more manageable yarn stash than fabric stash – long may it last!

  2. I’m wondering why I only got the email notification of this post today, when you posted it on 21st January…? Anyway, love that teal beanie, and the chunky green one is great too. Such a shame I have no occasion to wear one…

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