There is no such thing as too much pink

With my god-daughter’s birthday approaching, I was inspired by Josie at Calico & Ivy to make a quick facecloth as a gift. (I thought I was doing well to leave that shop with only one new ball of yarn.) Then, I had the bright idea of making a coordinating bag to put it in. This is the result.

I started by looking for facecloth or dishcloth patterns on Ravelry, but I did not find one that quite suited what I had in mind. Instead, I flicked through my Vogue Knitting Stitchionary pattern books (I own all six volumes) and winged it.

In the second part of the plan, I turned my sewing machine on! Recently, I always have knitting in my handbag, but time to sit at my sewing machine has been rare. As soon as I handed my torts assignment in, I breathed a sigh of relief and made this little pouch. I hand pieced the hexagons one weekend and assembled the bag the next weekend.

I had chosen a Debbie Bliss cotton DK yarn in a coral pink for the facecloth, so I looked in my stash to find pink fabrics in shades that would tone with the facecloth. I also tipped out and sorted through my hexagon collection, which is an assortment of scraps basted onto 1-inch hexagon papers and a selection of fussy-cut hexies that I have made as the whim inspires me. The windmill came from that box.

The pouch is a modified version of Ayumi’s pattern from Patchwork, Please! One-inch hexagons, as laid out here, work out to be the perfect size for the side panels of the pouch on page 109, a pattern that I have made before.

Pink patchwork pouch and hand-knitted facecloth

The birthday present looked like this.

And that is my recent craftiness. What have you made?


6 thoughts on “There is no such thing as too much pink

  1. It’s definitely pink, but a very grown up, sophisticated pink. I was somewhat expecting a pastel floral-y sort of thing from the title, but this is much, much better. Did you give her the nail polish too, or is that just to set the scene? I think I’d have been delighted to receive this at any age, and I’m not even a dedicated pink-person!

  2. Such a thoughtful and beautifully coordinated gift set. I’ve just wrapped up my last secret sewing project for the year (I think) and I’m finishing up a quilt along I’m hosting. I’m really looking forward to making plans for next year. I have a few bed quilts I want to make, so that will be fun.

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