More knitting and a few hours at the sewing machine

Not more knitting? Yes. Sorry!

I am still working on my quilt-show entry, which I cannot yet share, so you have to put up with yet another knitting post.

This knitted hat was made for my teenage god-daughter using Shannon Cook’s ‘Schwimmen’ pattern and MadelineTosh Tosh Merino DK in ‘posy’ pink. The details are on my Ravelry page.

The most remarkable thing about the hat is that I watched a lot of gory Game of Thrones battle scenes while knitting it, and yet I do not seem to have dropped a lot of stitches. (The Game of Thrones crew must order fake blood by the shipping container.)

Schwimmen hat pattern by Shannon Cook

A flat shot did not do it justice, so I had to ‘model’ it.

The hat turned out so well that I cannot believe that I mailed it to its new owner and did not keep it for myself. I am truly selfless!

But I did spend a few selfish hours at my sewing machine on the weekend. It seems like an age since I turned my machine on.

I spotted Wendy’s free flappy coin purse pattern on Instagram on Sunday morning and had to make a few purses out of my heavier weight cotton scraps the same afternoon. Most of the fabrics came from my scrap box, but I lined them with quilting-weight cotton, and I raided my stash for some linings. I did not need to go to the shops for anything, so I am counting it as a stash/scrap box challenge project.

Flappy coin purse pattern by Wendy

I have already given these to dog-owning friends and family members.

The pattern looked like it would be the perfect size and shape to make little bags to clip to dog leads, and it was. Instead of holding coins, these will be used to carry puppy poo bags!


10 thoughts on “More knitting and a few hours at the sewing machine

  1. I do think you owe it to yourself to make a hat you can keep, perhaps in red…? Those purses are great – I’d use them for putting squished up plastic bags in for emergency shopping…

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  3. Pingback: Everyone loves a yarn sale | Granny Mauds Girl

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