Scrap box challenge: Quilted cushion

Last weekend, I should almost certainly have been doing something else, but I decided to make a cushion. I blame a lovely parcel of scraps I received in the mail from Susan of Patchwork n Play, Pinterest and Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts for the impulsive decision.

Scrap cushion in the style of Crazy Mom Quilts

This scrappy cushion is in the style of Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts.

If you follow my Instagram feed, you will have seen what happened when I upended my string scrap box on my sewing table. I made a huge mess, but sewing all the bits back together was fun. It was not at all complicated or difficult, just fun.

Scrap cushion in the style of Crazy Mom Quilts

I quilted straight lines in a mid-grey colour. Initially, I thought the grey looked a little ‘dirty’, but it has grown on me.

I am happy with my straight line quilting. I had the walking foot on and the foot pressure set really, really low, and there was no drag to distort the stripes on the top.

Scrap cushion in the style of Crazy Mom Quilts

The piping used up an assortment of quilt binding leftovers.

Scrap cushion in the style of Crazy Mom Quilts

Thanks for the scraps, Susan!

The fabric I used on the back is a remnant from the back of the whirligig quilt I donated to cancer research last year.

Scrap cushion with red spot back

I lined up the spotty pattern so it did not jump oddly across the concealed zipper.

I started and finished the cover last weekend, but I had to wait until this morning to buy a cushion insert. I thought I had one in the cupboard, but it was too small. I tend to buy cushion inserts one size too big for the cover. In other words, the cover is one size too small for the insert, making cushion covers and inserts a bit like jeans and women on diets!

Only the insert and the zipper were bought for this project. Everything else came from my (and Susan’s) scraps.

Are you getting any sewing done this weekend?


9 thoughts on “Scrap box challenge: Quilted cushion

  1. I love that there is a little bit of me in your cushion! You’ve done a great job Carla! It’s gorgeous!! And the next scrap pack is growing as I cut out my Wild Ride blocks.

  2. It’s finished! Looks a lot better with a cushion pad inside it than it did flat when you showed me on Skype 🙂 I’m with you on making sure cushion covers are well filled. Nothing sadder than a flabby cushion, even when it’s as gloriously cheerful as this one!

  3. Did you need a clothes hanger to do the zip up? All the ladies do that to get in their super skinny jeans – tehe … lovely mix of colours!

  4. The scrappy pillow looks wonderful. You are so good with piping – using up excess binding scraps to make it is a fantastic idea.

    I don’t get nearly as much sewing time on the weekends as I used to. I’ll be working on the big truck with my husband and putting some household items we no longer need up for sale on eBay (the excitement, ha!). If I’m lucky I’ll get some fabric cut and prepped to make a mini quilt early next week, though.

  5. Such a great pillow, I love all those scraps. I am hoping to get some sewing done this weekend. I’m working on assembling my cross quilt from our Compass Quilter bee.

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