Scrap box challenge: Scrap bag

For a while now, I have been cutting my scraps into little squares and hexagons. Slowly, they accumulate into quantities that become useable. (You can read about my crazy scrap management plans in other posts.)

When I saw Caroline’s hexagon drawstring bag, I immediately wanted to start making one from my scrappy hexagons. So, I did.

English paper pieced drawstring bag

Ta da!

I had to add to my hexie collection because I did not have enough ready-made bright hexies and I wanted to leave the pale and pastel ones out. I pulled bright fabrics from my stash to make up the numbers. I also added some shapes other than hexagons to allow me to turn the corner on the base. Yes, even the bottom of the bag is English paper pieced.

I did not have a pattern (or much of a clue) so I used some seriously hi-tech methods to plan the bag’s shape. Okay, so my methods were not really that hi-tech; they actually involved models made using bits of paper, scissors and sticky tape.

Everything came from my stash – even the denim on the top of the bag and the drawstring. I am not sure about the drawstring’s colour, but I can easily switch that for a pretty ribbon later if I choose to do so.

I added a Pellon base within the lining to keep the bottom of the bag flattish. The Pellon was repurposed from an earlier disaster of a bag-making exercise.

English paper pieced drawstring bag

Planning required small-scale models, made using paper, scissors and sticky tape. For the internal base, I was able to reuse a bit of Pellon from an earlier failed attempt to make a bag to take to the dog park. No one will ever know the novelty fabric is hidden in there.

I know I could have made a simple drawstring bag (without English paper piecing) in an hour or so, but where is the fun in that?! I love my new bag!

English paper pieced drawstring bag

My knitting has already made itself at home.

English paper pieced drawstring bag

Oooh! My stitches are neat!


20 thoughts on “Scrap box challenge: Scrap bag

  1. It’s gorgeous Carla! Aren’t you a clever girl to draft your own pattern? I did a similar thing from a scrap of a vintage quilt top a friend sent me a few years back!

  2. What a brilliant idea, and brilliant result. A perfect excuse to go scrap-diving in my buckets, boxes and bags. I do have several hundred EPP papers sitting around doing nothing (quite aside from my big hexie project, Anemone). We’re off on another road trip in late February, so I’m going to need some handwork. I’d love some guidance on the odd shapes you mention for the base, though…

  3. Love the project. When I get on your page, I tend to wander off looking at all the great things you link to! Found my way back to your 126 Hexies; and to the zipper tab post too. THANKS for sharing so many great tips. (I am wondering if I will ever get my “double diamond” hexi project done!)

  4. What a great bag to store some knitting on the go. You’re so right about how much better this bag looks with EPP vs. just solid fabric. It’s so fun and bright. Congrats on your new little accessory.

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