Knitted cushion

Since I started working at Calico and Ivy, my fabric stash has not grown rapidly. Surprising, right? (Saying that, this week the shop received a new Liberty shipment, so this could be a very dangerous time for me.) However, influenced by the pretty yarn selection, I am rekindling my love of knitting, and the yarns and knitting books are trying to follow me home.

I found a loophole in my resolution not to spend all of my wages on stuff from the shop: I get my husband to buy it for me. Clever, eh? He bought me four skeins of Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino yarn for a scarf for my Christmas present and the Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran for the beanie (toque, knitted hat) I recently made. I am halfway through knitting the scarf, and when I have finished it (OK, and knitted up at least one of the forgotten balls of sock yarn I found in the bottom of my knitting basket), I might allow myself to buy some gorgeous pink Madelinetosh yarn, but I must finish knitting what I have first.

One of the latest projects on my needles, however, was from stash yarn. I managed to start and finish a knitted Christmas present within a month! I had a lot of leftover yarn from the blanket I knitted for my stepdaughter’s wedding present, so I whipped up a coordinating knitted cushion cover for her. This is one of the easiest things I have knitted in a very long time, and it is in 10 ply (worsted weight) so it knitted up quickly.

Why do I usually choose slow and complicated projects when easy ones like this come together so quickly? Also, I can take easy knitting to my social craft groups. Detailed knitting – the sort that requires two stitch counters, a notebook with three columns of figures and a serious tongue-sticking-out-while-concentrating face – is fun but it does not work well in lively groups.

Knitted cushion with cables

I bought the mother of pearl buttons from Calico and Ivy.

Knitted cushion with cables

The pattern is a simple yet effective design.

The cushion was well received by its recipient even though her husband did not fully appreciate why yet another cushion was needed. Why do men not ‘get’ cushions?

If you are a knitter and want to know more, I have noted all the details on my Ravelry page.

I have not converted completely from a sewer to a knitter. I have also been sewing, but some of the things I am working on are secret. Hang in there. All will be revealed one day.

15 thoughts on “Knitted cushion

  1. Very nice cushion! Hubby says the same about quilt projects. How many table runners / wall hanging /quilts do you need??? I respond with similar questions about his cars, trains, and hallmark Christmas ornaments!

  2. I am glad you have not gone over entirely to the dk side (small knitting pun, sorry about that)… I see from your IG feed that there are hexies in your life also 🙂 The cushion is lovely, but it must have been rather a hot project to work on in high simmer – oops, I mean summer!

  3. I don’t think men will ever *get* cushions. It’s just not part of their DNA. I don’t know why a knitted cushion cover never occurred to me but this is an a-ha moment for me. That is really cute, and again with the cables. AH! I love cables.

  4. I love knitted cushions! I wanted to knit some for winter this year … but as I suck at knitting I’m on the hunt for old knitted jumpers instead … I’ll convert them to cushion covers … might have to come button shopping at C&I though 🙂

  5. Love the cushion I have a houseful of men and they are always dumping the cushions on the floor or flat for the cat lol although I have managed to train hubby to put them back on the bed, now I just need to teach him how to make it properly lol

  6. Lovely pillow and the color is soothing and comforting. I love it! My Mr. likes to pile up the bed pillows in a nest around the sleeping cat. Clearly, he doesn’t get the point. Your knitting is drawing me in… we have discussed this, and I see that resistance is futile.

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