Proud parent

My stepdaughter, Emily, has been busy sewing peg bags as gifts for her friends. Even though she is using my free peg bag tutorial, she lives on the other side of the country and these are all her own work. I suspect she will soon overtake me and make more than I have. Don’t you love her colour choices?

Peg bag made by Emily using Granny Maud's Girl's free tutorial

Buying ready-made fusible letters speeds up the process.

Peg bag made by Emily using Granny Maud's Girl's free tutorial

I adore the fabrics on this one.

Peg bag made by Emily using Granny Maud's Girl's free tutorial

Japanese cranes for good luck.

My peg bag tutorial has been my most popular post – far, far ahead of any other. Peg bags make great presents and do not take long to sew or lots of materials. You just need three or four pieces of fabric, a child-sized coathanger and a bit of ribbon (optional).

They can be used for pegs and for many other things. One of my friends keeps her delicate stockings in her wardrobe in one.

I appliquéd letters on some of mine. Emily has cleverly added ready-made letters to speed up the process, or you can leave them blank and let the fabric do the talking.

There is still time to make some before Christmas!


14 thoughts on “Proud parent

    • Even though I have a Canadian husband, I sometimes forget that we speak different dialects, Afton. Sorry! Yes, pegs are clothespins in North America, but I would recommend skipping any appliquéing of letters as ‘clothespins’ is far too long. You would need a much bigger bag. 🙂

      By the by, when I was at school, ‘pants’ used to be solely underwear here (pants/knickers/undies), but we now also use the word to mean trousers as you do.

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