According to Instagram, I made this experimental free-motion quilting sample a year ago. It sat in my UFO collection until a week or two ago, when I started picking friends’ brains for ideas. To use it up, making a vinyl zipper pouch was suggested. I liked that idea.

Free-motion quilting experiment

I already had the paper circle cut in my templates drawer. I know I keep this stuff for a reason!

I took the piece to Spotlight to find a coordinating zipper. The friendly zipper rep dude was restocking the shelves. He helped me try to colour match the snail/snot green. (I honestly like the colour, but I cannot think of another word to describe the shade.) We failed. The vinyl zipper pouch plan was scrapped.

This week, I realised that it would work as a simple quilted bowl. A few hours later, it was indeed a bowl. Ta da! Another thing is crossed off my UFO list!

Free-motion quilting experiment made into a bowl

The design came from a tattoo colouring book my mother gave me.

Free-motion quilting experiment made into a bowl

Maybe I can keep buttons in it.

Free-motion quilting experiment made into a bowl

It is not fancy, but it is finished.

I have started to think of it as my yakuza bowl. The incongruous combination of the Japanese dragonfly print and the design inspired by a colouring book full of tattoo imagery make me think of yakuza. In Japan, only criminals have tattoos, and you cannot enter a public bath or hot spring if you are tattooed. The fact that gang members have tattoos is about all I know of Japan’s criminal underbelly. Japan was such a safe place to live; I think the worst crime I encountered in three and a half years living there was umbrella theft, and even then I suspect that the umbrella thieves were not truly hardened criminals but simply too tipsy when they left the bar to know their own umbrellas.

10 thoughts on “Bowl

  1. LOL! Love the umbrella story! I have just returned from taking a sweet Japanese girl to the airport- she has been staying with my son for a few weeks as her tourist time ran out!
    I love your little fabric bowl! Maybe it is more like sage green? Use it for your jewellery perhaps?

  2. Sage? Willow? New mown hay? On the other hand, snail and snot are much more memorable as colour names… Pretty bowl, lovely quilting.
    Strange to think that I’d be banned from a bath house on account of a small (and invisible until naked) souvenir of my misspent art college days. I am clearly high up in the Yakuza and perhaps I should make arrangements to lose my little finger in order to assure myself of lots of respect in the unlikely event I ever visit Japan.
    Oh. Silly me. I’m female 🙂

  3. That’s some beautiful quilting right there! And snot green depicts the color perfectly. I know next to nothing about Japanese culture and wasn’t aware of their feelings toward tattoos. Japan is definitely on my someday travel list, I’ll just have to steer clear of any hot springs.

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