Liberty and linen coin purses

If you follow Serena at SewGiving, you will know that a few months ago she made some really cute little purses for her daughters to put their teeth in for the tooth fairy. What you did not know is that she ordered five of the purse frames from Studio Mio. Serena kept two; I had three.

When I have used small sew-in purse frames before, the purses ended up a bit flat. This time, I wanted to experiment and see what I could do to make coin purses with a more three-dimensional structure. I did not have a pattern, but I used this photo from Pinterest as my guide.

I was ready to make several prototypes before I got it right, but I only had one test-run that will end up in the scrap bin. Even the failed attempt was not that bad; I simply needed to widen my seam allowances. My second attempt, using a scrap of floral fabric, worked.

I used Aurifil 12 weight to hand sew the frames in. The hardest part is holding everything in place while sewing in the frames.

Liberty coin purses with Minki Kim designs

Even with the heavy bobbles on top, they sit upright.

I had planned to decorate some of them with tiny hexies, but then I bought a copy of Minki Kim’s Sew Illustrated. The next thing I knew, I was raiding my precious Liberty stash and sewing miniscule bits of fabric with miniscule stitches.

Liberty teapot with Minki Kim designs

Here is a close-up of the teapot and cups.

Liberty coin purses with Minki Kim designs

I went wild and used Liberty lawn for the lining. The prints had to contain some pink to match the purse frames.

These are not for the tooth fairy. They are just … because.

Yes, I have no idea what these are for. It is unlikely to be coins. Loose change gets spent on fabric and never has a chance to accumulate in small purses!


16 thoughts on “Liberty and linen coin purses

  1. It’s the kind of purse I’d use for the small stuff that accumulates at the bottom of all my bags: pillbox, lip salve, hankie, stray stamps and paperclips. You know, stuff… I think these are impossibly cute and far too pretty to actually use, which says quite a lot about me, I feel…

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