Shabby or chic?

Winter storms have lingered into spring, and I pottered about in my sewing room while it rained.

I made some more flowering snowball blocks, so I now have 64 blocks, enough for a 96-inch square quilt. I need to sew them together, but they are pressed and ready to go. I had been nervous about pressing, wondering whether I needed to clip some curved seam allowances so I could press them the right way to nest seams, but I was given some pressing tips by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts. Yes, there truly is nothing that steam and brute force will not fix.

I have failed miserably at reporting my Bee, Myself and I progress this year (partly because I know that sharing how I made three flowering snowball blocks the same as last month’s three flowering snowball blocks would not make thrilling reading), but I have been making progress. Now I have all the blocks I need, I will have to switch to a different project next month for my three blocks.

Watching me wrestle with a calculator, a pencil and the back of an envelope to work out how many blocks I had, how big a quilt I wanted and how many pieces I still needed to cut, no one would have been able to tell that mathematics was my best subject at school.

Flowering snowball quilt

I now have 64 12-inch blocks.

I sewed a teal X block for Kate’s next ovarian cancer fundraising quilt. She said helpers could make any teal 12-inch block that was shaped like an X. I looked through my quilt block books to find this block, which the 500 Quilt Blocks book by Goldsworthy and Green imaginatively calls ‘square cross’. The elephants seemed like a good idea at the time. Everyone loves elephants, right?

Teal X block

This block will be posted to Kate for her next ovarian cancer fundraising quilt.

Then, when I should have been doing all sorts of other things, I decided to rummage in the drawer and dig out a cameo I stitched goodness knows how long ago. I think I finished it three or four years ago when I was playing with waste canvas, but I had no plan what to do next.

The portrait format of the cameo presented challenges, but the cameo seemed to hint at a bag for makeup or undies. I pulled out a load of fabrics, lace, buttons and whatnot, which seemed to be screaming shabby chic. Maybe the result is more shabby than chic. I had hoped for something more frou-frou. I will not sew up the hole in the lining just yet in case I decide to sew more … something … on. Would you add anything? If so, what?

Zipper pouch with cameo

I think I bought the lace at an arts and crafts market in Padstow.

Zipper pouch with cameo

Inside is a cute Yuwa fabric that features French cakes.

The construction method is loosely based on Patty Doo’s Susie bag, but I fudged the measurements as I went, which is why the cameo sits a bit lower than it probably should. I am happy, however, as it crosses another thing off my WIP list and everything came from my stash. That is always good.

Zipper pouch with cameo

The cameo is no longer a UFO in my cupboard.

9 thoughts on “Shabby or chic?

  1. The teal block is indeed gorgeous, and will be a great asset to ‘Tealed with a Kiss’! I think the elephants add just the right light-hearted touch.
    And that cameo pouch is just crying out to hold a mirror, comb and lippie, especially if you add a nice caramel coloured tassel to the zipper pull…

  2. Your flowering snowball blocks are looking great! That is one pattern I’d really like to try! Are you hand quilting it, or haven’t you got to thinking about that yet?

  3. Congratulations on getting enough flowering snowball blocks completed for a very generous sized quilt. Yay! I like the pleats in the bag, they seem very chic to me. And not being a frou frou gal, I’m afraid I don’t have the slightest idea for anything else for you to add.

  4. Love your snowball blocks. It’s amusing watching me do quilting maths too……all those inches AND centimetres! I like your new pouch, very handy for all those little things when travelling too. Nice to finish off the cross stitch.

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