126 hexies

I have lots of crazy ideas (just ask my husband). One of them is to cut all of my scraps into the following sizes:

  • 2½-inch squares
  • 1-inch hexies
  • 1½-inch squares
  • ½-inch hexies.

I try to save the biggest piece I can from each scrap, so I start at the top of the list and work my way down. If I cannot cut a ½-inch hexie out of a scrap, it goes in the bin. Unless it is a string. That is a whole other category of scrap. Like selvedges.

My pile of scrap ½-inch hexies was growing, so I decided to sew them into a rainbow. That is what happens when I have almost a fortnight without television or Internet. I did not have enough of some colours – especially purple, no surprise – so I cut more tiny hexies from my stash.

Then, I made a mini Sew Together bag by following Elizabeth’s modifications. Elizabeth, of Occasional Piece Quilt, explains how to adjust the original pattern to the cute-as-a-button smaller size. I overshared on Instagram, so you can see all the progress shots there.

Mini sew together bag with hexagons

I placed the hexies in stripes of colour with the cutest ones near the ends so they would not end up on the bottom of the bag.

Mini sew together bag with hexagons

I chose navy blue for the binding because I thought it would be almost neutral, allowing the hexies to shine. It might be a bit dark. Not sure.

I had a couple of hiccups along the way: two broken needles (one machine needle and one hand sewing needle, both victims of the binding) and a desperate fight to save some fussy-cut cherries. I learned to measure the depth of the zipper pockets from the middle of B2 out and not from the zipper teeth down.

As always, I referred to the Quilt Barn’s tutorial and used the zipper-end modification explained by Crazy Mom Quilts.

If you want to make your own, you will need between 117 and 126 ½-inch hexies. I sewed 126 hexies, but I could have got away with 117 as I ended up cutting a ¼ inch off each end.

Mini sew together bag with hexagons

I chose primary colours for the inside of the bag.

I already have another daft tiny hexie project in progress. Yes, I am addicted.

Mini sew together bag with hexagons

Now I have another little bag to carry my hexie projects about in.


22 thoughts on “126 hexies

  1. It’s a self-perpetuating process. Make a bag, use it for hexies, make enough hexies, make a bag… And repeat. But extremely cute, and no, I don’t think the navy’s too dark, I think it’s just right.

  2. You know how much I love blue, so to me the navy is a great binding color. 🙂 I can see that it is darker than many of the prints, though, and maybe a white or light gray next time? I’m definitely curious what you’ll be making with those tiny hexies next. And yay for saving those cute cherries – they look great on the bag.

  3. This is awesome–makes me want to make another one! Thanks for the shout-out on the modifications pattern. I sure like the little one, and glad you do too. (And I’m totally impressed on your scrap-cutting system!)

  4. Isn’t the Hexie craze amazingly?! When I started making hexies about 16 years ago, people called me all the silly names : crazy, nuts etc. Well, I guess all of us got the crazies because they are still addicting after all these years. Enjoy every minute. I really thought I was going to have time to do hexies at my little shop, but nope. Too busy. That’s a good thing!

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