Baby bibs

I do not know much about babies, but I do know that stuff comes out of both ends. Parents need stuff to soak up that stuff.

With a metre of towelling, some ready-made bias binding, some snaps and some novelty fabrics from my stash, I made a couple of baby bibs and burp cloths.

Home-made baby bib and burp cloth

I am rounding the corners of the burp cloths slightly. The bulk of the towelling is impossible to get into a neat point so a deliberate curve works better, I think.

I used the Sew4Home baby bib pattern. My only variations were to use a narrower binding (one of only two widths I can buy) and to hand sew the second side of the binding. A baby will puke on these, I know, but that is no reason for sloppy sewing. I could use the inside-out method, skip the binding and save time, but the binding looks cute.

I targeted fabrics that I like but that can be difficult to mix and match in quilt tops. I can get a bib and a burp cloth out of one fat quarter. I made the burp cloths about 10 by 16 inches, but the exact size of each varies depending on the piece I have left after the bib is cut out.

Home-made baby bib and burp cloth

I have only been using pins for the binding when sewing the neckline, but I think I need to ease more binding in around the bottom to avoid bunching, which means more pinning in future.

I have been playing with my new Kamsnaps snaps. They are so easy to attach. They do not bend or distort or need a hammer. I love them!

I have enough binding and towelling for another four bib sets, so I had better get back to sewing. I see a baby boom coming.


11 thoughts on “Baby bibs

    • I bought mine directly from Kamsnaps in the USA, who very helpfully answered questions. I saw some for sale locally on eBay or Etsy, I think, but I wanted to be sure I got the real deal, not a cheaper imitation. Postage was a bit expensive, but I have enough snaps to last a lifetime (although I lack pink). I don’t mind paying for stuff that works.

      • A lack of pink is a slight disaster, but will perhaps force you to branch out into other colours 🙂
        I must say, I’ve never felt the need to indulge in the necessary hardware; snaps do not feature strongly in my creative endeavours, but these do look rather nice…

    • I bought them directly from Kamsnaps in the USA, Susan, after a recommendation from another sewer who had used them. All I could find locally were the sew-in kind or horrible ones I had to hammer in and then couldn’t open or close. I was happy to pay a bit extra for something that works.

  1. Cute bibs and burp cloth! I like the fabrics you used in those projects. I got a kit for the snaps so one of these days I got to be brave and use it.

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