My, oh my, what a wonderful day. I made two more Sew Together Bags! It’s the truth, it’s actual. Everything is satisfactual.

Sew together bags in pastels and yellow

Two bags in soft and pretty colours.

I gave the hedgehog bag of my last batch to my god-daughter. Her mum saw it and envied all its zippery goodness. I did not promise anything, but I did check that her favourite colour is yellow. Eventually, over many, many months, this bag came into being. According to Instagram, I made the outside in January and bought the zippers in April. Clearly, I do not like to rush things.

Sew together bag in linen and yellow

I found the perfect zipper pull in my stash.

Sew together bag in linen and yellow

Much of the yellow is on the inside.

In the meantime, a pile of scrap fabric morphed into hexagons, as scrap fabric tends to do in my house. I sewed up a bunch of the hexies that gathered together naturally, and they formed the outside of another bag. Then, I found the perfect fabric for the insides, except I did not have quite enough. I might have had enough, just, but only if I cut very, very carefully. Later, an even more perfect fabric from the Sarah Jane Sommer collection followed me home from Sunny Day Supply. (Yes, grammar police, I am messing with an absolute, and I know that ‘more perfect’ is not right, but I love the fabric so much I am throwing caution to the wind.)

Sew together bag in pastels and hexagons

The hexies came from my scrap box, and the rest evolved from them.

Sew together bag in pastels and hexagons

The Sommer fabric used for the inside is the star.

As before, I used the pattern, the Quilt Barn tutorial and Crazy Mom Quilts’ zipper-end modifications, and I hand finished my bias-cut binding. This time, I perfected my own special way for sewing the long zipper ends. Because of the side panels, I modified the bags so they are half an inch longer than the standard; this avoided cutting off points or five-seventeenths of a hexie.

The first of these bags was scary. The fifth was a breeze. I still want to make more. I think I will even try to make some mini versions using Elizabeth’s clever modifications.

All of the Sew Together Bags I have made so far are pastel, except for my bright pink selvedges one. I do not know how that has happened. I really like bright colours. My next one will have to be bright – so bright it makes my eyes bleed. That sounds like a plan.


20 thoughts on “Zippery-doo-dah

  1. I think the fabric you chose for the inside is much more perfecter… (take that, grammar police!). Beautiful bags, but what do we have to brace ourselves for, I ask myself? Screaming pink (reasonable guess, given your history)? fluoro orange? radioactive lime? It’ll be fun, whatever you go for.

  2. Zippity-do-dah, zippity day! My oh my what a wonderful sew together bag, or two you have made! I loved that movie and the little blue bird! Your bags are very cute too!

  3. Lovely zippered – bags? Wallets? Pouches? Things! Lovely zippered things! I need to take a look a this pattern, despite my need to think up everything myself I’ve no problem acknowledging the fact that there are a lot of brilliant pattern makers out there. And you’ve really put it together beautifully. Great combinations.

  4. Wow look at you go! I’m still happy playing with my very first sew together bag … I reckon the Quilt Barn tutorial must be one of the most read blog posts ever …

  5. They are gorgeous. I am lucky enough to have received one as a gift so I don’t have to strain my brain on making one! I’d love to see a mini one!

  6. Oh my goodness Carla! You are becoming a Sew Together bag professional! I am in awe of that tiny yellow patchwork!! Total sweetness on both counts! I really can’t imagine anything you make causing eye-bleed, lol!!!

  7. These look beautiful – I really like them both but the yellow is right up my alley. I have great plans to make one or two this summer! Inspired now!

  8. I don’t know anyone who has stopped after just one Sew Together Bag. Yours are lovely — and with such special exteriors! I stopped after six or seven, but now that I know there are modifications to make a smaller version, I may be revisiting that pattern. Thanks for the heads-up!

  9. I love your Sew Together Bags! (and I do hope you will try the mini–they are equally addicting). I also love your working the song lyrics in; my head is now full of these tunes, and I will think of you when I start my next one. (I have to make another, as I gave all mine away!)

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