Mixer covers

Why do I not sew more things for the kitchen? I really do not know. I could make all sorts of fancy tea towels and potholders and stuff. I must work on that.

This week, I have finally had a little time to myself to sew, so I thought I would make mixer covers – a quick and easy project that could be started and finished within a few days. There is nothing like a quick project for a bit of instant gratification.

Kitchen mixer cover made by Granny Maud's Girl

One cover had to be red to match my mixer. I included grey, black and white to coordinate with the stone benchtops.

I have been meaning to make a couple of mixer covers for a while. My KitchenAid mixer is too tall to fit in any of our kitchen cupboards, so it has to live out on the bench where it collects dust. A pretty tea towel artfully draped over it was never going to be a long-term fix.

I bought Bustle and Sew’s appliqué mixer cover pattern in December last year. I had planned to follow it properly, but I ended up using an image I found online for the appliqué and skipping the embroidered text. Also, instead of scribbly raw-edge appliqué, I used the machine appliqué technique I learned in Mariya Waters’s class as it allowed me to turn under my edges. I was waving a glue stick about like there was no tomorrow.

Kitchen mixer cover made by Granny Maud's Girl

The red fabrics I used are slightly different shades, but they all tone together well enough.

Kitchen mixer cover made by Granny Maud's Girl

Leftover red polka dot backing fabric made a cheerful lining.

These are really easy to make. Less than a metre of fabric and two metres of ribbon is all you need. Interfacing (I used a woven fusible) and fancy appliqué decoration are optional. The hardest part, as always, was choosing which fabrics to use, but the lining for the blue one was a no-brainer. That fabric is from the Milk Cow Kitchen range by Mary Jane for Moda.

Kitchen mixer cover made by Granny Maud's Girl

The perfect lining fabric is from the Milk Cow Kitchen range by Mary Jane for Moda.

Kitchen mixer cover made by Granny Maud's Girl

I love the Art Gallery fabrics I used to make the bowl and accent.

No more dusty mixer! Maybe these will encourage me to bake?

What would you sew for your kitchen? Do you have a favourite kitchen-related sewing pattern I should try?

In other news, I have been keeping up with my Bee, Myself and I blocks. I have 43 completed flowering snowball blocks and more bits cut out or half sewn, but I cannot show you as I have no design wall on which to photograph them. The design wall has been taken down while the spare bedroom is temporarily turned into packing central. We have boxes of stuff stacked in there ready to be collected and taken to the holiday house we recently bought on the other side of the country. Why so far? It is in the country town where my stepdaughter lives. My big job in the next fortnight will be to put together a set of basic sewing supplies to leave at the holiday house. We have to fly each way (or drive for a week) so I will only have this one chance to send anything I might need. I have my old sewing machine, old cutting mat, a spare pair of sewing scissors and a few other oddments set aside already. If you were in my shoes, what else would you put in your sewing survival kit?


20 thoughts on “Mixer covers

  1. Great covers!
    So exciting you have a holiday house close to your stepdaughter’s house! With respect to sewing supplies: I would add my rotary cutter and a ruler. Cant live without!

  2. Lovely covers! My mixer isn’t out of use long enough to get dusty, but I do love the way these covers look, so it may end up getting one anyway! I’m considering a set of heat pads, oven gloves and decorated hand towel, but it’s a long way down the list.
    For the sewing kit: cutting ruler, rotary cutter, pencil, supplies for EPP, pincushion with pins and needles, a range of threads, steam iron and ironing board (small one), stitch ripper, some freezer paper or fusible for appliqué… Ok, that’s quite a large carton of stuff, but it’s hard to do without some stuff 🙂
    I’ve got nowhere with BM&I, but I do have the next block ready to assemble… some time.

    • All great suggestions, Kate. So far, I have only packed the things that I have spares of – like stitch rippers. I can see I am going to have to go shopping for a spare cutter, ruler, iron and ironing board. Thankfully, some things can be bought locally when I get there. The nearest quilt shop I know of is an hour away, but there is a Spotlight in town for emergency thread and zipper purchases.

      My mixer does not get used that often. With only two of us in the house, we would be the size of houses if I took up baking seriously as a hobby. 😦

  3. I keep thinking to make a cover for the MOTHS bread maker, the list of to makes is far too long. I like your mixer cover. As I have a new mixer now I need to jazz it up too.

  4. LOVE the mixer covers! I have not sewn ANYTHING for the kitchen, but do think dish towels from the perfect fabric would be good.

    As for the sewing kit – you have the basics, so my next question would be what can you get locally at the holiday house? No need to ship a lot of things like extra sewing machine needles and other small notions if there is a shop nearby.

    But if there isn’t, then all those things Katechiconi suggested and DON’T FORGET THE FABRIC!

  5. I would definitely pack a seam ripper, rotary cutter, a simple ruler or two, spools of thread that are getting near to empty, batting scraps, and don’t forget a quilt or two for actual use! 🙂

    I made a Casserole Dish carrier last year (http://quiltingjetgirl.com/2015/04/13/casserole-dish-carrier/) and it has been really handy to have around. I modified the original tutorial (that I link to in my post) to fit a 9×9 pan which is what I am more likely to bake in for a local pot luck. I like your mixer covers; I just dusted off my mixer yesterday when I pulled it out to use!

  6. Super cute covers. If I had to set up a second sewing place, I would look at my sewing table to see the things I use most, you have the big ones listed, but I would add pins, thread snips, tweezers, empty bobbins, thread, thread holder, needles (machine and hand), long ruler and medium ruler, seam ripper, iron, tape measure, and I could keep going and going. But really if you get the big stuff the rest you could easily pack in a suitcase along with the fabric you will need for the trip.

    • All good suggestions, Shauna. I have been looking at my sewing table and considering what I use as I sew. Each time I use something, I check for a spare to take. I have already found spares of many of your suggestions.

      Because I plan to keep my stash at home and cart the fabric for each project back and forth, I hope to have a kit of supplies to reduce my suitcase weight. Sending the sharps ahead will, I hope, also reduce the risk of them being accidentally packed in the wrong bag and confiscated at the airport!

  7. How exciting that you’re getting a holiday house! It will be lovely to see more of your family too. Maybe one day there’ll be a little grandchild to visit. I’m sure you’ll turn it into a cosy home away from home. I hope it’s not in one of those towns where it’s been snowing this week. They look very cold.

  8. How pretty are these! Love all the fabrics you used, but I’m always drawn to spots! I’m thinking I’d do no baking because I’d be looking at these instead!

  9. Lovely covers, I made one years ago together with a matching tea cosy. I should probably start thinking about replacing them now as they are looking a bit worse for wear!
    Enjoy your second sewing space,,,, if you’re thinking of sewing in the evening a daylight lamp might be a good thing to have.

    • A lamp! Of course! I will need one. I have many craft lights dotted about this house and never sew without one of them on – two table lamps on my sewing table, a floor lamp next to my armchair and a portable pocket-sized thing to put in my handbag when sewing with friends. Your reminder was the perfect excuse to pack my floor lamp and order a fancy new one with my husband’s blessing.

  10. These are cute! I have a whole bunch of orphan blocks sitting around I occasionally make into pot holders. But then there are only so many pot holders I ever need so I’m not sure what else to do with all those blocks.

    New sewing space sounds like a good reason to start a second fabric stash 😉

  11. My mixer also sits out on the counter and tends to collect dust even though I use it regularly. I never thought to cover it since it’s so pretty and shiny but these covers are adorable. I’ve sewn kitchen hot pads/pot holders for gifts but have yet to make anything for myself. Don’t forget a spare iron if you have one for your holiday home!

  12. Love your mixer cover. I have to cover everything here because of the dust but usually just use tea towels!

  13. These are really cute! My mixer sits in a cupboard to no point making a cover sadly … but my sewing machine needs one desperatelty, so maybe I should treat him 🙂 I think you should unpack all of your old stuff, leave it here in Perth and go shopping for everything new on the East Coast 🙂

  14. I’m rubbish at sewing for the kitchen too and really should make more of an effort! Surprises me how much happiness I can get from some bright fabric and don’t spread it about the house more! I don’t have a mixer – terrible at baking!

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