Last weekend, I was on a four-day workshop at Handcrafters House with David Taylor, which was loads of fun, and I will tell you all about it later when I have done some more of my homework. This week, however, I have not had any sewing time during the day, so I have chipped away at things that are not too taxing on my tired brain late at night.

I was trying to resist starting new projects, but because I give away baby quilts almost as fast as I can make them, and because it could be made from stash, and because I have had Ruth’s original pinned on Pinterest for ages, and because Yvonne’s fabric pull looked so cute, and because it is rainbows …

Rianbow rose quilt-along baby quilt

I used 44 coloured fabrics and more than a dozen background fabrics.

I joined in on the Modern Quilters Ireland’s Rainbow Rose Quilt-Along.

In the process, I realised that my stash is pretty well stocked, except for blues in the middle shades, like royal blue. I have plenty of navy, teal and washed-out blues but very little pure blue outside of my traditional fabric stash. I confess I bought a couple of new blue fabrics locally (and cheaply) and will now keep my eyes open for blues I like.

The quilt-along’s instuctions are for working with charm packs or layer cakes, and they are really comprehensive instructions, covering everything from colour wheels to measurements. For mine, however, I cut 6-inch squares from my stash. I could have cut 5-inch squares, but cutting the slightly larger size means that my finished blocks are 5 inches and the top is about 40 inches square – perfect for a single width of fabric on the back.

I might not quilt it for a while as I need to buy a baby-sized piece of quilt wadding or wait for some good offcuts from bigger quilts.

But the first thing I made this week was these heart blocks for the survivors and families affected by the Orlando massacre. I will give these to the Perth Modern Quilt Guild via Serena to add to the modern guilds’ contribution to the cause. I used my white mirror ball fabric and rainbow stripes, obviously.

Cluck Cluck Sew 10-inch patchwork hearts

These will go to the local modern guild to add to their and international efforts for Orlando victims and families.


19 thoughts on “Rainbows

  1. I am so glad you joined in on the Rainbow Rose Quilt Along! It is so fun to see everyone’s versions and to learn about our stash as we work on the colors. I am also seriously in love with some of your background fabric – are those sketch aliens in a LV print???

  2. Love your post! I have masses of batting off cuts, what size would you like? See you Wednesday??

    Cheers Tricia

  3. It’s a fabulous rose! I wish I could have clicked on the image to enlarge it and take a closer look at some of the prints. Could you link the image to your media file so we can do that, or are you not doing it on purpose…?

      • No, it’s WordPress fiddling around again. When you upload a photo, in Image Details, when you specify size and position of the image, you now have to remember to specify that you want it linked to Media File rather than None, otherwise the image is not able to be clicked and enlarged.

  4. It’s funny – when I saw Yvonne’s most recent rainbow post, it made me want to join as well but I have too much on my plate at the moment. Yours turned out beautifully and I love the scrappy, low-volume background. Thanks for making hearts for us. We’ve been overwhelmed with all of the support we’ve received from the quilting community. I am certain we will receive enough blocks and quilts to give everyone affected a quilt.

  5. Lovely block Carla! The rainbow effect is great! I admire your ability to sew at night. I usually like to have some hand stitching that I find more relaxing! And the heart blocks are great too!

  6. That’s a beautiful rose, I might have to try one myself. Hearing you talk about the Handcrafters House David Taylor workshop makes me realise we must be in the same part of the country! Looking forward to your report.

  7. Good you joined the QAL, your rose is fun and the scrappy background makes it stand out from the others, you definitely won’t have the problem of too much negative space!

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