Almost two years in the making

In July 2014, I started to baste hexagons using a mini charm pack of Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille. I then added to that with two other ranges by the same designers: Miss Kate and Marmalade, I think. To begin with, I did not have a clue what I was going to make except that it would be with hexagons.

Now, I have a cushion!

Bonnie and Camille cushion with pompoms and hexies

No two fabrics are repeated!

During my September and October 2014 trip to Japan and Canada, I took the hexies I had basted as my holiday sewing project. I sewed them on Japan Airlines flights, which started fun conversations with the Japanese flight attendants, and I sewed them in a motel in my husband’s Canadian home town. I finished the cushion-sized panel during the three-week trip and even bought the fabric for the cushion back in Canada.

In November last year, I started hand quilting the panel on retreat. Hand quilting this was supposed to be my warm-up or practice for hand quilting Dear Jane. Phil suggested quilting the hexagons with circles (she is very clever), which I did, and I am so happy with the effect. I used Gütermann thread for the quilting but the base of Aurifil thread spools as the circular template.

Bonnie and Camille cushion with pompoms and hexies

I quilted the hexagons with circles, an effect I am very happy with.

I carefully matched up the pattern on the back of the cushion, but as I used a button closure, the fat cushion insert stretches the join a bit. Trust me when I say that the pattern lines up perfectly when not stuffed.

Bonnie and Camille cushion with pompoms

I matched the pattern on the back, but the cushion stuffing distorts my good work.

And there are bobbles! This is my first pompom trim on a cushion. Expect many more. I am in love.

Bonnie and Camille cushion with pompoms and hexies

How to use up a mini charm pack.

Can anyone explain why we love hexies so much when it can take almost two years from start to finish for a mere cushion cover? I am thinking of doing it all over again and starting another!

Am I crazy? Probably.


21 thoughts on “Almost two years in the making

  1. this is lovely ^^
    I’m in the process of assembling hexies (since September) and no real idea of how it’s going to turn out lol.

  2. Hexies are great fun! I’m in the middle of making a baby hexagon quilt with 2″ hexies. It has ‘only’ been going on for a year, but I hope to finish it by the end of 2016! I love the pompoms around the cushion, they are the perfect finish.

  3. Hexies are fun because they can be picked up and put down, because you can use scraps, because it’s handwork you can carry anywhere, and because they produce such varied and beautiful results. Simple! This is a very lovely cushion, and the backing fabric is fab 🙂 So, are we going to get bobble trim on the next couple of cushions too?

  4. How totally adorable Carla! I can understand how having something like that around to piece all the time might very well lead to another similar project!

    • Phil was the brains behind the circles so should get the credit.

      The pompom trim is not tricky to sew; it just needs a half-inch seam allowance, which I had accounted for. The only part that made me nervous was trimming away the bulk in the corners so the cushion would turn out neatly. I didn’t want the ribbon-like stuff that holds the bobbles together to unravel and stop holding them, so I trimmed the bulk away in the corners in three stages: cushion front, cushion back and trim. When cutting the trim, I did not cut through the main strand that links all the bobbles. I know others just hack through the lot, but I was being cautious.

  5. I love your hexie cushion, and your quilting design is just perfect for them. I have been making a hexie quilt for about 10 years ( at least) the trouble is I dont know when to stop!! haha!

  6. I am another who is totally addicted! have finished two large quilts and have three different size hexies being covered at the moment! One will definately be another large quilt. Not so sure about the other two.

  7. Hexies are such a nice holiday project, perfect to stitch anywhere. I suggest that it took 2 years only because you’re clearly not going on holiday enough!!
    Lovely cushion – and that bobble trim is lovely.

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