Bee, myself and I: February

For my Bee, Myself and I selfish sewing bee in February, I skipped making any of my ‘galahs by the beach’ blocks. Instead, I have focused my attention on my flowering snowball project.

Flowering snowball quilt

I have sewn six flowering snowball blocks so far and am starting to get an idea of what the finished quilt will look like.

It might not look like much, but four blocks is more than my monthly goal of three blocks. Hurrah! Goal achieved!

I have learned something about myself this month. Last year, when I was making bee blocks for others, they were always the first thing I worked on every month. This year, when I am making bee blocks for myself, they seem to have become the last thing I work on every month! I scrambled to sew these on the last weekend in February.

Although I have only sewn four blocks, I have been tracing around templates and carefully cutting out lots of pieces with scissors to make future months a breeze. More than half of the coloured fabrics are now cut out and ready to go, I think, although I have not done a proper count.

Flowering snowball quilt pieces

I have a good-sized stack of pieces cut and ready to sew.

When I say I have been focusing on the flowering snowball project, I think perhaps I am not disclosing the full truth. (Okay, liar, liar, pants on fire!)

Focus is certainly the wrong word to describe me this month. I have been flitting about from project to project, starting all sorts of things and finishing not much.

I pulled out my copy of Katja Marek’s The New Hexagon and finally started work on my Liberty English paper pieced project, something I have long wanted to do. I hope this combination works!

English paper pieced blocks made using Liberty fabrics and patterns from The New Hexagon by Katja Marek

These are the blocks that I have cut, basted or sewn so far. Blue will be added to the pink as I work my way through my Liberty collection.

Instead of buying the fancy template set, I followed a friend’s lead and took my copy of the book to Officeworks. Thanks to a ream of 120 gsm paper and the store photocopier, I now have lots of paper templates ready to cut out.

I had been trying to tell myself that I would not allow myself to be drawn into The Splendid Sampler sew-along. Whoops.

The Splendid Sampler blocks 1 to 4

Without thinking, I went straight for girly pinks and greens. Maybe it was because the first block was a heart.

The first few blocks were hearts and butterflies. In spite of my love of pink and flowers, I am not a hearts and butterflies kind of girl (we all have to draw the line somewhere) but, even so, I was unable to resist the lure. It is another new project, I admit, and at my current rate I should finish all my WIPs no later than 2117, but I am working from stash. Does that make it better?


So, that is my selfish sewing for February. Anyone is welcome to join in and set their own solitary sewing bee goals. The details and a button are here.

Please hop across and check out these other selfish sewing projects. They might inspire you to start your own solitary sewing bee.

  • Diana of Red Delicious Life made herself a sewing machine mat with pockets. I have something similar, and the pockets are so very handy.
  • Kate over at Tall Tales from Chiconia has started her selfish sewing by planning a hatbox quilt in lovely, rich Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
  • Sarah at Cedar Fork Stitches has set herself a bright and cheery medallion quilt as her selfish sewing project.
  • Shauna of Shauna’s World has finished so many lovely blocks with her selfish sewing that she is not sure what to sew next month.
  • Teje of Nero’s Post has made some pretty and fresh blocks for herself – they are just the sorts of colours I adore. Then she tortures us with shots of her beautiful surroundings in Greece.

36 thoughts on “Bee, myself and I: February

  1. To be strictly accurate, it’s Kaffe’s quilt design, but I’m making the blocks smaller than his, and my fabrics are more Philip Jacobs than Kaffe style. I say “making the blocks” but I’m yet to actually assemble one, even if I’ve done a bit of prep. My month has been somewhat like yours, too much stuff, too little time… How do you rate ‘The New Hexagon’ (knowing that I’m a demon hexie maker)? Is it fabulous or would it simply send me crazy trying to decide what I want to make next?

    • I think I prefer Jacobs’ fabrics to Fassett’s too – all those giant flowers in bright colours! Yum!
      I am really glad I bought The New Hexagon. The blocks vary from big and easy (three pieces in a 3-inch hexie) to far, far more complicated, so I can pick and choose which to make depending on print scale or laziness or whatever. It might also become a jumping-off point to draw my own variations of designs within hexies. We’ll see. For the moment, it is a great EPP project to cart about with me.

  2. I clicked on the link for the New Hexagon quilt. It looks amazing! I bet it will look even more gorgeous with your liberty prints. Loving your colour choices too for the Splendid Sampler, it’s a bit funny really that you couldn’t resist 🙂

    • I had not realised when I bought the book and started that a local shop is doing a class/sew-along of the lovely bright version the link led to. If they all end up in the local show, mine will be the palest. It seems like everyone is sewing along with Katja and her hexies here.

  3. Your hexagons are going to be beautiful in Liberty. I started mine on Saturday. I’m going to try and use Katie Jump Rope with a few other fabrics thrown in. I love sewing EPP. I made the first heart block in the Splendid sampler and now I’ve fallen behind. Not sure if I will keep up. Should I? By the way, I love your version of the Flowering Snowball.

    • I won’t be putting myself first this month, Yvonne. I have had a bit of a work disaster that needs fixing. That will take almost every waking hour until it is fixed. 😦 Maybe later in the year.

  4. Your Liberty hexagons are going to be very pretty. And I especially like the multiple hearts block in what you have so far of the Splendid Sampler. Well done!

  5. Personally I love pink and green so those sampler blocks are just divine in my eyes! I might need to add that Selfish Sewing button to my next blog post….that’s all I seem to be doing at the moment!

    • Feel free to grab the button whenever the mood takes you. I am trying to keep it all loose and flexible so it does not become a chore for anyone who wants to join in, or not, as the whim takes them.

  6. You’ve been having lots of fun Carla. Good on you – after years of sewing for other people, you’ve made yourself top priority this year. Well done. I didn’t realise you were doing the Splendid Sampler. As the blocks fill my IG feed I wonder how the poor Farmer’s Wife is these days. So many people started that, but now I suspect she is falling by the wayside as they all switch to the latest fad – the Splendid Sampler. I almost feel sorry for those still plugging away at the Farmer’s Wife. I know I’ve done the same in the past, but I’m trying to resist temptations this year.

    • I didn’t realise I was sewing the Splendid Sampler until I had pulled fabrics and started cutting the first block. The mood came over me and could not be shaken!

      The two, Farmer’s Wife and Splendid Sampler, are both 6-inch blocks. They can be mixed and matched. Why not a bit of each?

  7. I love your flowering snowball blocks, great use of colour. I hope through this process that you put yourself first a little more often……I have a feeling that quilt will draw you in as it grows. And really, who cares if you flit from one thing to another if it’s making you happy?!

    • I agree, Susan. I am happiest when flitting.

      I suspect that the flowering snowball will get to a certain point and then I will finish it in a rush. Another project can then act as my bee blocks.

  8. Isn’t it funny how, even when we pledge to be selfish, we still somehow manage to put ourselves last? Then again, it’s only the second month of 2016, so you’ve got lots of time left to perfect your selfishness. And yes, sewing from your stash does make it better!

  9. I’m following along with the splendid sampler and not gotten too caught up in yet but there is time! I love your snowball project – that is very striking!

  10. Serious flowering snowball envy over here! Love that block and so scared to try. How are they to put together? Sometimes it’s great to get some selfish sewing done and feels amazing!

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