When in doubt …

When in doubt, quilt big, loopy swirls all over it.

I have been allowing myself to get distracted and flit from project to project as the whim takes me. I have been starting lots and not finishing much, but when an extended member of the clan had a baby boy, I had to bump my pinwheel baby quilt top to the top of the queue and finish it.

Pinwheel magic quilt finished

It is now all quilted and bound and ready to be sent off to a baby.

Pinwheel magic quilt finished

I made the front as big as I could while still using a single width of fabric on the back.

Pinwheel magic quilt finished

I hope the close-up of the backing fabric, Mamma Birds by Valori Wells, explains why I chose the colours used on the front.

I knew when I bought the backing fabric on sale ages ago it would be perfect for a baby quilt back!

I still think the pinwheel ruler makes a great stash-busting project. If I ever repeated a pattern, this could easily become my go-to baby quilt pattern.

All I need to do now is sew a label on the back and post it off to baby Max in the morning. I hope he likes it.


43 thoughts on “When in doubt …

  1. That backing is totally squeal-worthy, and I can quite see why you thought it had baby-quilt written all over it! I see you’re also working on the Splendid Sampler blocks; I’m tempted, but I’m going to pick and choose a good bit. Love the hearts!

    • And did I mention I bought it at a great price? 🙂
      I like the look of the fourth Splendid Sampler block. I cannot believe that I made all of the first three when they feature hearts and butterflies – not my favourite motifs – but that is just a reflection on my quirks and not a criticism. Apart from sewing one block at 5 am because of insomnia, I am having great fun.

    • I did just that, Yvonne. I started with the large piece of backing fabric and then tried to work out what I had in my stash that would suit for the front. Starting from the back seems to have become my baby quilt MO.

      • Finished size 6 inches so cut size 6.5 inches before sewing? My Sew Easy ruler is that size, and the instructions say to cut 9 inch squares and that worked for me. The border was 5 inches wide. The ruler manufacturer, if different, might have further clues on their website.

      • My cut size is 6, but I don’t thinks it’s a special one like yours, it’s just a square quilting ruling I think.
        I’ll do some maths and work it out, but will prob go with the 9 inch to have a bit of leeway. My pin wheels should still look OK a little bit smaller I think. 😃

  2. Love the blues and greens together! And I have made one quilt with the pinwheel ruler- you’ve reminded me its time to use it again! Love the backing too! A delightful quilt for Max!

    • I am trying not to buy fabric for a few months after a stash-building phase, but I am getting better at knowing what will get used and what will sit ignored for years. Baby quilt backs get used in my world!

  3. You must have the best stash ever, I share your taste in fabrics. Adorable little quilt with a simple pattern. Nice, modern, and snuggle worthy. Good reminder to keep the quilting simple. I tend to get carried away and then wonder why a small project is taking so long. And, yes, there will always be a baby coming along to make another cute quilt for!

    • I never get carried away with quilting as I am simply not yet confident enough to do so. I envy your confidence.

      I will have to dive back into my stash soon and start planning another baby boy quilt. I like to have one in reserve as I am not always able to sew with sufficient speed to keep up with the babies as they appear.

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