Bye-bye, baby

Bye-bye, baby quilts.

The last binding on the last humidicrib quilt has been sewn on, and they have all gone to the coordinator of my quilting association’s community quilts program to be taken to the hospitals’ neonatal units.

Humidicrib covers made by Granny Maud’s Girl

All thirteen are in a stack. I seem to like red binding.

I promised myself I would make one little quilt to donate every month in 2015, but I continued through to January for a total of thirteen instead of twelve.

The last three tops to be quilted were the puppies, the boat and the car.

I quilted paw prints on the puppies.

Dog Gone Cute pattern made up into a humidicrib cover

I quilted paw prints again here, as I did on the other doggy-themed humidicrib cover.

I quilted simple loops on the car.

Snapshots Gone Surfin’ pattern made up into a humidicrib cover

Big loopy quilting and a navy blue binding finished this one.

I felt confident tackling waves and wind in the quilting of the boat.

Snapshots Sail Away pattern made up into a humidicrib cover

I am proud of my quilting here! I stitched in the ditch around the boat and then quilted waves on the sea and windy swirls in the sky.

Humidicrib quilts made by Granny Maud’s Girl

This pile of tiny quilts is off to new homes.

I have donated to a good cause and practised my free-motion quilting. Hurrah!


56 thoughts on “Bye-bye, baby

  1. I can only imagine the delight these little quilts bring when parents of tiny babies see them! You are very generous to do this Carla! The neo-natal wing of your hospital must be all the happier because of you!

    • I learned something new about these little quilts yesterday, Susan. They help parents find their babies as the humidicribs are moved according to the level of care needed. Can you imagine coming into the ward and not spotting your baby straightaway? Panic!

  2. Oh Carla! You are such an inspiration to me, not only in your amazing sewing abilities, but also in your good works! I also love your taste and style. I never miss reading a post.

  3. These lovely little quilts will be so appreciated! A great balance of gender in there too and yay for FMQ practise 🙂

  4. The quilts are stunning. Each one is a work of art and you should be extremely proud of them all. A very generous use of your time and I’m sure they will be welcomed at the hospital. Well done you.

    • Friends who have had premature babies and received the quilts have treasured them. Even if the quilt is nothing fancy – nothing more than a simple quilted rectangle of fabric – it has memories attached to it.

  5. I am in awe of these gorgeous little quilts! Love each and every one. The fact that you make them for others–strangers– is just so impressive and inspiring. :)))

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