Pink baby quilt

It is finished! Hurrah! I actually finished this quilt top a while ago, but I keep forgetting to take it outside in the sunshine to photograph it. As it is, these photos were taken inside, near a sunny window, as everything outside is damp from the sprinklers.

Pink drunkards path baby quilt

The colours are soft and very, very pink.

I quilted it in October, with the design input of Diana. Left to myself, I would have quilted a simple all-over design, but I asked Diana for advice and she suggested spirals. I thought they might be a bit trickier than my skills allowed, but there is no point in asking for advice if you have no intention of following the suggestions given, so I did my best. It is good to challenge oneself to try something a bit more interesting.

I made myself a template for the spirals. I thought about free-motion quilting them, but in the end I chose to use my walking foot and go slowly as I did not trust myself to sew the outside circle without a bit more control. Once I had the straight lines sewn and holding everything mostly in place, I sewed all of the spirals from the outside working in.

Marking a quilt for quilting

I made myself a templastic template and then used an air-erasable marker to mark each spiral for quilting.

The spirals are not perfect, and a busier backing fabric would have helped conceal this, but the pink backing fabric was the starting point for this baby quilt.

Megumi Sakakibara pink fabric

The selvedge of this pretty print tells me it is from Megumi Sakakibara’s collection.

The batting I used is Quilters Dream Request weight, the lightest cotton. It is the leftover piece from my Dear Jane quilt. I have already washed the quilt to be sure my quilt markings are permanently gone, and I like the way the batting has scrunched up a bit. The scrunching has meant that the quilt finishes at 34 × 38½ inches.

Pink drunkards path baby quilt

Even the backing fabric is pink.

It will live in my cupboard until someone has a baby girl.

Pink drunkards path baby quilt

The fluffy photo-bomber approves.

No, Lucy, this quilt is not for you!


33 thoughts on “Pink baby quilt

  1. Do you listen to the Crafty Planner podcast? This week Gwen Marston was the guest and she talks about how the pursuit of perfection is actually a turn off for her in quilting. It gave me so much more confidence in my own quilting, and I honestly believe this looks beautiful and will be loved an appreciated by a very lucky recipient. 🙂

    • I don’t listen to quilty podcasts much, but I agree that there is a whole world of OK between shoddy and perfect workmanship. I would never accept shoddy (never!), and I will always strive to do the best work I can, but I accept that perfection is often out of reach. Sometimes, we have to set ourselves a difficult challenge and allow ourselves to make practice mistakes or we would never learn and improve.

      I see pursuing perfection as learning – getting closer to perfection, even if I never quite get there. Pursuing perfection is an OK goal, as long as you are realistic, do not beat yourself up about it and do not obsessively compare your work to others’. For me, it is about learning and improving my skills. Pursuing is not achieving. Unrealistically expecting to ACHIEVE perfection is a whole other beastie! I am not going there!

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